Blue Jean Birkin

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  1. here she is... my fave birkin...

  2. Nice! Makes me miss my bj.. One day I'll replace it!
  3. Gorgeous color!!! I love blue jean!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hello archangel, beautiful! Is that a size 40cm?
  5. So pretty!:love: drool.
  6. That is a fabulous color...LOVE IT!!!
  7. That is a beauty! When and how did you acquire it??!! congrats...
  8. gorgeous.. which size?
  9. That's my dream bag right there!!!:yes::love:
  10. I love how BJ makes so many ladies happy!
  11. Drool....that is my ultimate bag. I am working on my husband to give that to me for my 40th!!!!
  12. Oh, you DEF need an Hermes Birkin for the big 4-0! That's a for SURE!!!!!
  13. I'm hoping to get 40 Birkins for my 40th. :yahoo:
  14. ^ Now you're talkin', Japster!

    That is a lovely Birkin! BJ is so special!
  15. Drool!
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