Blue Indigo Paddington Owners -- 'need advice from the Chloe owners/experts

  1. Hi,

    I've always been on the fence re buying a Chloe paddington -- even if i haven't seen one IRL the pics in this forum are so yummy, but the problems I've read about the weight of the bag, the keylock, etc, have stopped me from getting one.

    However, I have an opportunity to get a blue indigo paddington (in mint condition) and before I take the leap, 'just want to get some advice from the Chloe experts.

    1. Is this a nice color for a paddington?
    2. Can the paddington pack a lot of stuff? or do you have to leave the key to be able to do this?
    3. Is this still a great bag to invest in?

    TIA for your advices! 'really appreciate it!
  2. Hi goldengirl911!! I am not aware of a blue indigo paddington. :confused1: Is it possible you mean the bleu nuit or navy color? Can you provide a picture of it?

    1. Is this a nice color for a paddington?
    If you mean bleu nuit, yes!! I love it! :love: The hardware really "pops" on it.

    2. Can the paddington pack a lot of stuff? or do you have to leave the key to be able to do this?
    The medium satchel can hold a lot! :yes: I was actually really surprised when I got mine. There's always a ton of room in my bags because I don't carry that much on a daily basis.

    3. Is this still a great bag to invest in?
    Yes! The leather is amazing and the colors are addictive. They are very durable as girls here have reported using them in the rain. I think the paddington gets better with use (the leather becomes even softer!) :heart:
  3. Hi Audrey,

    Thanks for your response -- this is the blue indigo color that i'm referring to -- is this also what you call the blue nuit? the one i'm eyeing on buying is from the 2005 collection.

    TRESOR: Confessions of a BAG HAG/HOG: November 2005

    have you had problems with the weight of the bag, ie., has it caused you shoulder or back pains?

    sorry for all the questions, but this is a huge purchase and i just want to make sure i won't have any buyer's remorse later on :smile:

    take care!
  4. i forgot to mention that your collection of paddingtons is one of the reason why i want to get one as well!!!! :smile:
  5. You have the chance to buy a blue nuit paddy? Oh you are so lucky! I've always wanted that color paddy!

    It does hold a lot but it is pretty heavy for a purse. But the good thing is that you don't have to wear it with the lock. That helps.

    I think this bag would be a good investment depending on how much you are buying it for. But if you have any buyer's remorse you can sell it to me. :graucho:
  6. If it's 2005 it's Blue Nuit.
    I have that bag and I ADORE it. It's such a deep, bold shade of blue and I've yet to see anyone else with the color, which is always a plus for a girl that's always toted around LV (which everyone and her mother carries around here, real or fake)

    It can get heavy, but you get used to it, and it's such a hot bag that it's worth it.
  7. goldengirl thank you for the sweet compliment!! :love:

    I'm pretty sure you are referring to this picture:


    If so it's definitely bleu nuit and absolutely gorgeous!! That's one of my favorite paddington colors!! :heart::heart::heart:

    At first, when when I carried my paddy for a long amount of time, the weight would get to me. Now I hardly notice it. 95% of the time I carry it on the shoulder and I think that makes the weight manageable. If you are going to carry the bag by hand it might get a bit cumbersome. :Push:

    I'm with sratsey on this one! It's a bit heavy but this bag is totally worth it! :flowers:
  8. Thanks ladies -- now i can't wait until i see this IRL tom!!! I've been obsessing about chloe paddingtons eversince i learned there's a chance to get this bag in this shade!!!

    You ladies have really great collection of chloes and I really value your opinion and advice.

    I'm quite a packrat so I'm a bit worried the 'weight' issue will get to me. But I'd better take a look at it IRL first and see if it is something i can manage. I'm a little shy of 5'6, so that should count for something :smile:.

    One thing that makes me hesitate to get a paddington is this talk about this bag being a trendy bag and not a classic one....but it shouldn't matter if you really love a bag right?
  9. ^ That's the best thing to do. :yes: Check out the bag in person and see if you like the size/weight/color!

    I would say that the paddington is very stylish but is not longer an “It” bag. I feel like the design of the bag is classic even if the bag is trendy (does that make any sense? :P Lol!)

    Good luck and keep us posted!! :flowers:
  10. Hi Audrey,

    thanks! 'will let you know tom if I decided to join the Chloe club :smile:...'can't wait! i'll have trouble sleeping tonight hehehe
  11. Hey GG911! The blue nuit color is really amazing!!

    I am dying to know if you decided in favor of getting this bag??

    It's so pretty and as Audrey and Stratsey say, the weight is worth it.
    IMHO, it's a classic and I can't imagine not loving mine, no matter everyone
    else was carrying.

    Good luck and keep us posted!! :yes:
  12. Golden girl the blue nuit is absoutely to die for, what a perfect shade for a first paddington:heart:
    If you wouldn't love it I'm sure you wouln't have any troubles finding a new home for it, everyone's dreaming of blue nuit..!! But watch out, these bags are very addictive :graucho:
    And I'm agreeing in the weight issue with others, it doesn't feel weighty at all when carrying it on shoulder
  13. Hi Ladies,

    'saw the blue nuit IRL and unfortunately the 'weight' issue got to me and i ended up not buying it!

    i so wanted to like it but i guess it just wasn't meant to be. maybe i'll check out the other chloe styles.

    although it didn't work out for me and the paddington, the quality of chloe bags' leather are sooo yummy that i still want to own one, maybe in another style.

    thanks for all your advices! 'really appreciate it :smile: