Blue glacier city RH anywhere?

  1. Has anyone seen a RH blue glacier city recently? Would love to get my hands on this bag...
    I know aloharag had it about a month ago, but it's gone. Can anyone tell me where to find one?

  2. i have recently returned a rh blue glacier work to nm miami. i know you're looking for a city but this could maybe be an alternative if you can't find one. :smile:
  3. They had one at BNY last Tuesday. I would guess they still do. I was looking at the ocean city and I didn't like the one I saw so I asked to see any others that they had and they brought out the BG city because they only had one ocean city.
  4. I thought Nordies Sac had one. It was over a couple of weeks ago, and I believe it was RH. Ask for Barbara.
  5. Thank you all ladies! I actually ended up finding and getting a Twiggy blue glacier from Saks san antonio. I just love the color so much, maybe I'll still look for the city. I can't wait to finally get my first bbag!:yahoo:

  6. Yay!! How exciting for you! Please post pics as soon as it arrives :nuts: