Blue Atoll vs Lagoon - Which One is Closer to Tiffany Blue?

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Which color matches Tiffany blue the most?

  1. Blue Atoll

  2. Lagoon

  1. Hi eveyone - I’ve always been under the impression that lagoon is the closest match to the Tiffany blue. But then I saw blue atoll and it is gorgeous as well. Anyone care to educate me between the difference? Thanks!!
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  2. Neither of them are a dead on match but lagoon is closer IMO. Both colors look slightly different depending on the leather, so keep that in mind as well.

    BA and Lagoon look nothing alike once you see them together...
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  3. I stumbled upon a pretty amazing H color chart here that has the two colors near each other. They both look pretty close to T blue to me. I’m too cozy at the moment to run get a box to compare but maybe someone has one handy.
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  4. blue atoll color question

    This is a good color comparison of blue atoll and lagoon. Neither color is a perfect match. I would describe lagoon as turquoise green and blue atoll as turquoise blue. Tiffany blue was a custom color created by Pantone and is referred to as “robin egg blue.” I would say it’s in the middle of the 2 colors and depending on the Tiffany material (I.e box, leather, jewelry pouch) will favor one or the other.
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  5. I have a bag in blue atoll in epsom and to my eyes, Tiffany blue is a more intense version of the same hue as blue atoll.
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  6. This is a very complicated question. Which leather are you looking at? Or is it a bracelet?
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  7. This site grabbed their guide from Lecrin, which is a truly amazing Hermes information resource!
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  8. I took some pictures for you...
    Blue atoll Togo compared to unused Tiffany jewelry pouch. 1st Picture is without flash in natural light (up close pic on gray duvet), however there is grays skies today. 2nd picture is under bathroom lighting again with no flash (marble countertop background). 3rd pic is my fur baby. Who as soon as I busted out the bag and camera woke up his nap and was up front and center for his picture. He can never resist posing with mommas birkins :lol:

    I know photos can be deceiving, the bathroom photo looks the most like real life. When comparing Tiffany blue jewelry pouch to my blue atoll birkin it’s almost the same color, much closer than lagoon. However, if you compared another product in Tiffany blue it could be closer to lagoon. I think blue atoll and lagoon are both gorgeous colors. For me personally, I debated between these two and I chose blue atoll because I wanted a turquoise (cyan) without green under tones. Hope this helps! E5333232-80AA-4379-BE47-79D564481560.jpeg [ 7E71AB14-9C9B-4330-8B11-60263B3E6ED2.jpeg ATTACH=full]4579316[/ATTACH]

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  9. Hi - sorry I forgot to specify...I’m looking at Togo.
  10. I guess I never thought about the tiffany blue on different materials...maybe the box?
  11. Gorgeous bag!! And I love your fur baby ugh he is just so precious :heart:

    I used to lean more towards lagoon but now seeing more and more pictures of the atoll I’m actually leaning towards atoll. I just wish there is an in-between color!!

    Thanks again for taking these pictures and I’m super jealous, lol

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  12. I have both and I would say lagoon for sure
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  13. Thanks!! What leather are they, Togo?