Blowdyring Wavy/Curly Hair

  1. I have wavy-curly hair. I have NEVER tried blow drying my own hair before. I've NEVER even done my own hair before. I always go to a salon and let them blow it out and flatiron it. It I don't do that I wear it wavy.

    I just bought the new GHD Styler and I know I gotta blow dry first. Any tips? How do I get the waves at my scalp straight? I don't see how I'm gonna do it if I can't see the back of my head. Help:confused1:
  2. I have curly hair and dry my hair with my fingers, pulling the hair through my fingers sorta tightly to stretch out the hair, kwim? I pull my hair over to one side and then start doing the other side pulling and doing the underneath until I get to the top and then switch sides. I do the same thing through the back of my hair, pulling it out through my fingers. That's what my hairdresser told me to do! I get my hair straighter using my fingers than a brush--but boy, does my arm get tired....oy! good Luck though!

  3. ^^ Thanks!! I will give it a try.
  4. I pretty much do the exact same thing that mazuha does!

    Sometimes I do use a round brush if it is being stubborn and I find that when it is really humid out or raining, that running a flat iron through it helps it not to frizz or get wavy again. I totally flip my hair so it is hanging away from my shoulders to make sure I get the under part straight and dry... if you leave anything even remotely damp it will just work against you and start to curl or you'll have a little wave left. It might take you a few tries to get the hang of straightening your hair.
  5. lots of times I let it air dry and work on it so its less "heat" damage

    I use lots of clips, and section off the hair, I also use this comb type clamp thing to help pull the hair straight while using the straightening helps a lot for the hair close to the scalp....they prob have those comb-clamper things at sally's bs

    if i wasnt so tired id look up a pick of the comb thingy now...I also use either kerastase or phytodefrisant cream in my hair while it dries...

    good luck! experience will help you get it down pat :tup:
  6. What does GHD stand for?

    I think a diffuser will help ...
  7. Your thread was the one that inspired me to get it! And I will use it for the first time later today. I wanted to get a few blow drying tips first.

    legaldiva: it stands for Good Hair Day
  8. i have wavy/curlyish hair and i have no idea how to blowdry straight either. The blowdrier at my house is cr*p, i dont even bother with it. I just let it air dry and then use the GHD. I dont know if blow drying it first makes it easier, but at least i wont be using 2 heat styling tools on my hair. The good thing about the GHD is that you dont really need to go over one area of hair more than once. However i have fine hair and i want to try not to heat style it too much coz im worried about loosing and damaging my hair too much (even though the straightner is bad enough lol). I always use a heat protectant first too.
  9. i hate blowdrying my hair straight too and its very curly. i just go to the salon.

    i've never tried the airdry then straightening with the iron process...maybe i should i've always wondered if it would work.

    that GHD sounds awesome
  10. This is what I do & I have really curly hair. I don't like the damage blowdryers do bc I've had bad expierences w/ them breaking my hair so now when I get outa the shower & want my hair straight, I will put it up on metal curlers to pull out the curl while it's wet. Once it's dry, the majority of the smaller curls are gone & it totally gets rid of the frizz! After that, I finish w/ an iron to get a more sleek look. It sounds like a lotta work, but really I found it to be very efficent & much better on my hair!
  11. This actually sounds like less work than blowdrying, not to mention better for your hair. What kind (brand) of curlers do you use?
  12. I've had enough with blowdrying. I have wavy hair, but once I brush it, it straightens. My problem is that the texture is very coarse and thick, therefore I turn into a human poodle when I attempt to blow dry. Even my hairdresser can't manage to get it to look nice while blowdrying. She always has to flat iron it afterwards. I really just prefer to let it air dry, even though it's so thick that it takes a good 4-5 hours to completely dry. I usually take a shower at night so I'll wash it then and go to bed with it wet. Believe it or not, it's easier to flat iron in the morning and winds up laying better afterwards. If you ARE going to blow dry, you might want to try getting an outrageously large round brush. The bigger it is, the tighter it'll pull your hair and the straigther it will be. Good luck :0)
  13. I have wavy hair and I blow dry it straight with a paddle brush. Its great, it grabs a lot of hair and is much easier to use than a round brush, so my hair gets done a lot faster. It gets my hair super straight too.
  14. I have SUPER curly hair, but thankfully it has a very fine, sleek texture so when it's straight, it looks like it's naturally like that. However, I rarely ever straighten it..LOL:rolleyes: Things that work for me, and all methods involve a flat iron. I can't do it without one. Ceramic flat iron = God's greatest gift:tup:

    1. When I get it done at my salon, they have 2 girls working on my head at once, and they blow out my hair with a round brush, then use a flat iron. Perfecto!

    2. When my friends do it for me (b/c my hair's too long me to do myself:p), we get it mostly dry by just blowing out and brushing it, then put it all up in BIG curlers and let it set and dry the rest of the way, then it hit with a flat iron.

    I've learned to love my curly hair, and it's SO much healthier since I rarely put any heat on it. I do dry it with a diffuser sometimes in the winter, which maintains my curl, but it looks best when it air drys.