Blotchy Skin

  1. Hey ladies,

    Just had a question whether or not I'm doing the right facials or what? I don't have acne prone skin, my skin is pretty pimple free however I have the problem of having different skin tones. So I just usually do the sensitive deluxe facials at the spa that I go to... but it doesn't seem to be evening out my skin tone.

    What should I be doing to treat that problem instead?
  2. It could be a few things, depending how dark ? Where and how long its been there. It could be pigmintation, liver spot, fungal, eczema. You might want to go to a dermatologist to get it properly diagnosed
  3. I should definitely do that.

    It's not so bad, it's just a problem that I think a lot of the Asian females in my family have encountered. A lot of my mixed family members (not mixed as in different kinds of "Asian" but half Caucasian and half Asian) have an amazing complexion. For me it's noticeable enough where I always have to wear a light foundation to even the tones out.
  4. If you're talking about redness, maybe you should try Aveeno skin calming moisturizer. I use this and it definitely works to even out my skin. HTH, good luck!
  5. Get whiteners - they don't whiten your face but even out different tones. Brands like SKII and Fancl work pretty well and do not irritate skin.
  6. Have you ever tried Micorderm abrasion? It really helps to even out my skin tone and my skin is so glowing and smooth afterwards...maybe you can ask about them the next time you go in for a facial?
  7. No I haven't. I just do more of the relaxing type of facials. Does it hurt?:biggrin:
  8. What is your skin texture like? I've noticed that my skin tends to be darker where it is dry, because of dead skin or whatever. I try to exfoliate more often but I am too lazy/tend to forget. A richer moisturizer might help too.