Bloomingdales return policy?

  1. WHat is Bloomingdales return policy on jeans if they are never worn? Thanks
  2. Tags still on? Do you have the receipt? Bloomies is usually good with returns.
  3. yup tags still on never been worn. About 30 days? or longer? and i have the reciept
  4. 180 days. I'm assuming you dont have the receipt so you'll need to make sure the tag has the CRL or else they will give you the lowest selling price
  5. This thread is pretty old so I was wondering if Bloomie's return policy is still 180 days, provided tags are on and shoes have not been worn. TIA!
  6. Does anyone have any idea of Bloomingdales` return policy?
  7. I was told 180 days was their policy a couple of weeks ago.
    But I had no problem returning something after 8 months, I did have the tag & receipt. They did have to call the manager to over ride something on the register, but no questions/problems. I was impressed with the customer service, so they did themselves proud.
  8. ^ Awesome! I purchased online and didn't see a timeframe for returns in that section of the website. I was hoping they had a similar policy as Nordstrom, in which it's not a hassle. Thanks so much!
  9. Does anyone know what's the policy for makeup? If you tried it on and it doesn't suit you can you return it for a refund? TIA
  10. ^^i think you can return it w/ receipt and all package....i usually return make up stuff within a week of purchase if they don't work for me.