bloomingdales outlet wrentham

  1. wondering if its worth the trip. anything good??
  2. I would go. Wrentham is a pretty good outlet anyway. They've got a great Saks, Barneys, and BCBG store and other designer stuff. They have a Salvatore Ferragamo store. So, even if the Bloomies isn't that good, I'm sure you won't regret it.
  3. I love it there! Outlets are always a hot or miss, but my favorite time to go to Wrentham is when I am not looking for any thing in particular!
  4. Doh! I live less than 10 mins from there and never go. Thanks for the reminder that I need to swing by.

    OP, if you have an AAA card go to the info booth to pick up a free coupon book first :smile:
  5. I went to the outlets a few days ago, and didn't even realize there was a Bloomingdale's outlet. When I got the AAA booklet, it had a separate coupon for that outlet, so I decided to check it out. I was looking for a handbag, and they had lots of MBMJ, Linea Pelle (so fun to finally in person!!), RM, Juicy, and maybe a couple of others that I can't remember. I also found a MK leather jacket that I was hoping would work, but it didn't fit. I did look at some of the clothing, but nothing really grabbed me. Prices were pretty good, but a lot of it seemed like stuff I can find at Macy's or even TJMaxx.
  6. Bloomningdales has an outlet at Wrentham now? Wow. I always make this a stop when I go back home to MA. Wrentham is a really good outlet mall and definitely worth the trip. I miss shopping there often.
  7. Where's Wrentham? I've never heard of this place. Any in So Cal?
  8. Wrentham is in Massachusetts, south of Boston off 495, near Gillette Stadium where the Patriots play. It's a town kind of known for nothing except the outlets :biggrin:

  9. That's a little too far for me :sad:
  10. Wow, I didn't know that about the AAA card, but I'll remember next time I'm there.
  11. Make sure you join the premium VIP club online too...there are often additional coupons for the outlets to print out in addition to the coupon book...and if you are not an AAA member there is a voucher to print to get the coupon book at the customer service desk. There is usually a $20 off $100 purchase coupon for the bloomies outlet. Just know that it is not in the main outlet section- it is near Restoration Hardware/Unos at the main entrance. So hit it up on your way into the other shops or on your way out- it is too far away to park and walk. =)