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  1. Hi!
    Im thinking about going blond,
    i need help from blond girls here,
    what color do you use and do you do it at home?
    And did you experience damage from coloring?

    I do deep conditioning twice a week and my hair is VERY healthy,if i color and still condition like a freak,is my hair gonna be okay?

    Thanks guys for the help!!:tup:
  2. Bump
  3. I think if you go blond you really need to see a colorist, not just a stylist. It is hard to get the right color. You don't want red and you don't want to damage your hair. This is a drastic step and maybe you might want to try foil highlights before you take the plunge......there is alot of upkeep to blond hair and I have seen more hooker hair blond than really nice beautiful blonds.
    Highlights can give you a great look with no damage.
    Good luck.
  4. blond is over. brunette is the new blond.

    if you insist on going blond, see a professional.
  5. I agree - go to colorist and they can help you to figure out which shade flatters your skin tone:tup:
    I wrote this on another thread but I once tried to bleach my hair myself and it became yellow-orangey spotted and looked so horrible! I even tried bleaching my ex-BF's hair and even his hair was very light brown coloured, short and in good condition and we chose ashy shade it became orangey yellow aswell. :borg1::Push:
  6. please don't bleach your own hair. i have never seen it come out right. ever.

    i had very light blond to nearly platinum hair all last year. i started with neutral to warm brunette hair that hadn't been colored in over a year. it ends up looking more natural if you foil it instead of single process it. took about two to three sessions of highlights to get as light as i wanted. i had a standing appointment for touch ups every 5 weeks. it was about 100 a month....but i live in the boonies. it will probably cost you more.

    my hair was a lot less healthy than when it was virgin hair obviously. it looked best when i kept my hair short. i thought it looked straggly longer than chin length but i did have it to my shoulders for a while (grew it out for a wedding) and still got compliments.

    if your stylist does only root touch ups, you limit heat styling, and you use a deep conditioner every week and use very intense daily conditioners and creamy shampoos you can still have relatively undamaged looking hair. it will break and will be damaged though. bleach is harsh and takes a lot of upkeep. you really need baby it.

    i actually think amanda's right....but i get it. sometimes you just feel blonde -- fashion be damned. :smile:
  7. definatly go to a salon...its so worth it to spend the money to have a salon do it...because if you did it at home and it turns out bad your going to end up spending way more money fixing it than you wouldve if you went to get it done.