blond hair looks good with?

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  1. hi friends!
    What is your general observation, on whom do you like blond hair color? Do they look good on fair girls or dark girls?
  2. on anyone as long as they get the right shade.
  3. I think it depends on skin tone. I've seen people try just about every shade of blond and never get it right. They look off, IMO at least. I haven't tried it kuz I'm not willing to put my hair through that process but given my skin tone, I don't see how I could possibly look better in any shade of yellow than I do with dark hair.
  4. This.
  5. ^ita
  6. hmmm okay thanks for your suggestions :smile:
  7. i kind of like it on people with more of a tan,though i am very fair with freckles. mine is a light blonde with baby blue eyes.
  8. I completely agree that it can look good on anyone, given the proper shade. I think it is more difficult to get right on a woman with darker skin or features, but I've seen it done really, really well on people of all coloring and ethnicities. But I don't think people give brunettes enough credit. Dark hair can be really striking and can bring out facial features much better than blonde on some people. Everyone seems to be searching for the right blonde, but many might be better off to go with a shade closer to their natural coloring.
  9. Totally agree with Swanky. The right shade makes a huge difference. I have friends who are naturally very blond and very fair skinned. I have friends with darker complexion who color and it looks good too. Getting the right shade is key.
  10. Yeah, as others posted it needs to be the right shade of blonde and needs to compliment the skin tone (not too ashy or too golden, for example).