1. apparently this is a brilliant idea because it's selling and getting lots of publicity, the guy who created it will no doubt make tons of money. but what does everyone think of the concept? is it stupid/superficial? would you carry one?


  2. It's cute, but I personally wouldn't, only because I'm just sick of the word 'bling.'
  3. Someone call Mariah Carey!!
  4. lolll
  5. i read about this the other day too! i think there is a new bar that opened in nyc that is a water bar. all water. seriously. bottles cost up to 250 or more....for water.
    just water :p
  6. ^^^ that's crazy!! but it's really the bottles you're paying for. they better be pretty damn cool for that price! lol.
  7. i think it's stupid
  8. Those bottles better be encrusted in diamonds.
  9. I like Evian water.........I love how the blinged H20 water looks, but it's a bit too expensive for water....I would probably buy it then when I'm finished drinking the water I would probably take the blinged bottle and re-fill it with tap water.
  10. the bottle looks like one of Jlo's perfume bottles.
  11. Good grief! I live on bottled water, but not that kind!
  12. That's what I was thinking.
  13. ugly.
  14. A water bar, huh? That's almost as crazy as that oxygen bar fad thing from a few years ago lol.