Bling for your baby! *pic*

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  1. [​IMG]

    It's My Binky Diamond Pacifier


    Now this is a way to distinguish your baby's binky from the others. With 278 pave-cut white diamonds--that's three carats--and a white gold base, this is the crown jewel in designer Michelle Soudry's line of personalized pacifiers. Diamonds not enough? Add colored gems or have it engraved with your baby's initials and birth date., sent Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie a $17,000 diamond-encrusted pacifier upon the birth last year of their daughter, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.
  2. :rolleyes: This is completely ridiculous.
  3. Omg.. that's crazy. Plus it doesn't seem all that practical either.
  4. That's so silly. I babysat my nephew this morning, and he kept spitting his binky out onto the floor. Do you know what that would do to pave?
  5. $17,000 for a choking hazard? No thanks. Save those diamonds for Mama, not baby. :rolleyes:

    As an aside, on the Etsy website a few sellers were selling Swarovski-encrusted pacifiers like the one above. I noticed that now each of those sellers have posted a "voluntary recall" notice from the American Academy of Pediatrics and are no longer selling these dangerous items. Hopefully no one got hurt from those pacifiers. A baby could easily aspirate a crystal. :sad:
  6. oh good, i thought i would be the only person against this waste of money. i'm sure you wouldn't actually let a baby suck on it. i'd rather spend $17000 on something more practical than this.
  7. Yes 17000 for a binky that the baby will spit out and throw on the floor!
  8. silly
  9. How unecessary. Why not just save the money to put your kid through university?
  10. Oh gah...what a waste. Because we all know babies NEVER lose binky's right? :rolleyes: I think Mama needs a Louis Vuitton bag more than my kids need a $17000 pacifier...
  11. I know it's ridiculous, but I like it. Probably if I had a millions on my account I wouldn't wait, but just get one for my baby. Of course it's not for use, but just as a very expensive kind of a childhood souvenir.
  12. What a waste of $17K. Even if it wasn't intended for use, what a waste of diamonds...I want those sparklies on my finger, not in my china cabinet!
  13. that is probably one of the most ridiculous things i have seen in quite a while.
  14. that's absurd!
  15. and aside from the baby choking on it im pretty sure white gold could knock out a tooth or 2 !!!!

    im sure its supposed to just sit on the mantle but for that price i would much rather it sit on my finger around my neck or in the form of a purse on my shoulder :smile: