Bling Bling and more Blings (Eye Candy)

  1. I'm just having fun with my camera and in the process....wanna show you some of my collection that happen to be lying around the house.
    emeraldring.jpg pinksapphire2.jpg emeraldearrings.jpg rubypearlrings.jpg
  2. When my DH proposed to me, he popped out both the diamond ring and diamond pendant as an engagement set versus the traditional diamond ring only. We choose the diamonds together and he picked the setting for the rings. He knew what I liked. When we engaged, 18kt yellow gold was popular. I thought about resetting to platinum, but this set is too sentimental to change.
    engagementset.jpg weddingband2.jpg
  3. That's an engagement ring (or set) that I actually really like. Usually they're too bland for my taste. But yours is really pretty.
  4. Oh your engagement ring is SO beautiful! Large and gold, but reminds me of my original wedding/e.r.

    Enjoy the new camera. :smile:
  5. ooohhh i love the pink stone - what is that? beautiful...