Bleeker pricing

  1. Have the prices for the bags in the new Bleeker line been announced yet?

    I've read threads where some here have already received their Bleekers, but I couldn't find a thread that listed all the prices.
  2. I believe there are two sizes...not sure on the prices, sorry. I'm just bummed we can't use the PCE discount on the Bleeckers...:confused1:
  3. my Bleeker Large Duffle is $448 and i do know for sure that the cosmetic pouch is $98.
  4. The Large Bleeker Duffle No. 11423 is $444. The Bleeker
    Flap No. 11419 is also $444. The small Bleeker Duffle No. 11421 is $350. The Large Bleeker Patchwork Duffle No. 11465 is $648. The Laced Leather Slim Duffle No. 11447 is $748. The Bleeker Laced Leather Flap No. 11446 is $544.
  5. $444/$544 or $448/$548?? on my tag it definitely says $448...
  6. I am sorry. The Bleeker Duffle is $448. I stand corrected. The Bleeker Flap large Flap No. 11419 is also $448. The small Bleeker Flap No. 11418 is $348. The Bleeker shopper No. 11420 is $548.
  7. Thanks everyone! I can't wait for these to hit the stores.
  8. I need the Laced Leather Slim Duffle No. 11447!!!! That is gorgeous!
  9. I looove Bleeker. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!