Blame it on the Champagne Reveal - just a little something

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  1. Any one around for a little reveal? I had just stopped into LV to say thank you to Jennifer, my wonderful SA, for having my yellow Kusama Speedy ready for me last week even though she had already left for the night. And then a friend came in with her new mon mono Speedy. And all heck broke lose when Jennifer got out the champagne. I think we tried on every bag in the store!

    So here is just a little something I picked up because we were having so much fun this afternoon. It's something that I have really needed so I don't feel too guilty!
    LV ZCP bag box.jpg
  2. HERE :woohoo:
  3. Here :smile:
  4. Here!!! Let's see
  5. I am here..let's see! :smile:
  6. Here's a peak - it kind of gives it away.
    ZCP peak zipper.jpg
  7. Here! :popcorn:
  8. Zippy ?
  9. :couch:
  10. Yep - just a little Zippy Coin Purse. I have been needing a smaller wallet for my smaller bags. My Sarah takes up so much room that I cannot carry it and my sunglasses in some of my bags.
    ZCP front.jpg ZCP interior.jpg
  11. Very nice!!
  12. Champagne.....I guess there's no excuse for (me & ) the water then :smile: congrats on the zippy
  13. Nice, congrats and enjoy your zippy!
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    Thank you for letting me share! I have no idea what took me so long to get this little item! I have not used my Chanel jumbo caviar double flap in many many months because my Sarah is too big. I realized that it is insane that my most precious bag sits in the closet because I won't spend a few bucks on smaller wallet. No more excuses - ZCP and CC will be hitting the town this weekend!
  15. Paint the town RED! ;)
    I definitely need a ZCP but haven't decided the print! That's the hardest part. So sad! HAHA