Black zip clutch?

  1. Can anybody point me to where I can buy a black zip clutch online? :\
  2. Oh Yeah - Nordies - I thought I'd seen it somewhere else. I wonder why it has Pre-order when the Fall 07 has been out for weeks?
  3. This might be a slightly stupid question, but is this a wallet that is always available, or is it just a seasonal thing? Like, if I waited a few months to actually buy one, would I have a chance at finding it still?
  4. I just got a black ZC from eBay, had it authenticated first! Got it for $75!!Not brand new but still looks good and a deal at that!:yes:
  5. I think the black zip clutch is available almost every season. You can also call a MJ store and order one. They'll charge $20 shipping.
  6. ^ true. you can always count on black and cream/white being released every season. the colored ones tends to go on sale when the seasonal stock changes, but they sell out almost immediately due to the zc's popularity. i know eluxury recently had a sale on the quilted zc in truffle and plum. both have shown up on eBay.

  7. Great deal. It's such a wonderful wallet to have.
  8. I actually got my black zc in the mail today! $75 it has gold hardware and looks brand new!! Bargains can be found on ebay!! You just have to have them authenticated here first!!:heart::yahoo::party:
  9. Congrats Muggles! You got an amazing deal!!
  10. Black calfskin zip clutch available @ saks online right now:smile: