Black (with Gold) GST at Saks... Anyone see one, please help?

  1. I'm looking for a GST in BLACK with GOLD hardware at a Saks only... Has anyone seen one lately?? Thanks!
  2. Why don't you have your SA do a locator for it?:heart:H
  3. Mine was NOT helpful at all. That's why I want to give my business to another Saks. Know a good one? Thanks H!!
  4. There are plenty of threads with names of SA's that are recommended and actually you can call any Saks and any SA at the chanel boutiques in Saks can do a locator for your item and have it shipped to your house. They need your CC info, etc., when they put it on locator. I have always had good luck on locator items.:heart:H
  5. No one will do a locator for me because they say they're out company wide. I think there has to be 1 floating around somewhere. I don't know what to do next, one member PM'd me with her SA's name but they weren't available. Hmmmmmm.
  6. I have to talk to my SA this afternoon around 2:30, will ask her to find out and will let you know what she says.:heart:H
  7. H, you'll be my savior if I can find one. I'm so upset because I had to return that Walk of Fame bag this morning (only had it for 24 hrs) and SAs at Saks NYC we're looking at me like it was my fault, so they're weren't helpful. Anyway, I've called some Saks stores and found Brown GST with Silver, but let me know what you come up with in Black with Gold. THanks a ton!
  8. The black GST with gold hardware is totally out through SA has 8 people on backorder...I got the last one right before Christmas.
  9. i am going to return mine to saks soon, just bought it but it's just not my me if u want to know which saks :smile: