Black with Black Patent CC's - Thoughts?

  1. I was originally looking for the black cambon bowler with the white logo; however, the Nordstrom boutique in downtown Seattle is sold out of the black/white and only has black/black patent. The reason I am shopping at Nordstrom is because my Nordies card has a big credit I can put toward the bag purchase.

    Is the black/black patent a nice combo or is the patent tacky? I am thinking it might be easier to keep clean in an all black combo and might look classy too. Thoughts?
  2. It is definatley going to be easier to clean. I think that the black/black look is classier than black/white which could be seen as more trendy. Go for it!:yes:
  3. I agree with nikki...I've seen them IRL and they're classy....I myself might buy a the bowling bag!!
  4. i ordered the small tote in the black/black patent combo from NM. i love the combination. its easier to keep clean and looks a little more subdued that the other colors, maybe less young too?
  5. I have the Cambon tote in black w/black patent CC's. I love this bag. I think the black patent CC's are the best because you can dres sit up or down. I even wear this bag with some of my suits for work but it looks great with jeans too. I think the patent CC's are a very class touch!
  6. Thanks for your help everyone! I'd like to change the direction of this thread a little and ask if there are other styles of Chanel bowler bags that might be a little larger than the cambon but still be casual enough for jeans?
  7. I love the black on black.
  8. Roey - your mailbox is full!!
  9. I am very fond of the black with black patents C's. It seems like a more classic option! If I ever buy a Cambon piece, it will definitely be black on black.
  10. Okay, you all have convinced me to go the black on black route! Now I'm hoping the cambon bowler will be roomy enough. The s/a gave me measurements of 10.5" long x 6" high and that is smaller than a Balenciaga First I don't carry a huge amount, but hate it when I find my bag is crammed full. The outside pocket on the back should help with that I suppose.