Black vs Gris Tarmac Maxi Twiggy?

  1. Looking to add a new bag to my Bal collection, and I'm currently quite attracted to the Maxi Twiggy. My collection consists of a Canard RH City and an Anthracite RH Day.

    Which colour should I get? I'm concerned that maybe Gris Tarmac is too close to Anthracite, but also that black is too boring (I do have multiple black bags already). None of the other fall colours really appeal to me for an "everyday" bag. I'd be all over Cassis if it were a true burgundy/wine instead of having that strange pinkish tinge...
  2. Have not seen any FW cols in person but in pic, I do not really like Gris Tarmac. Not huge over greys but I do love Anthracite. I will go with black.
  3. Didn't like cassis in person, but I surprisingly liked Gris Tarmac a lot. An SA showed it to me near the window and the color looks really nice in sunlight. What about jacynthe?
  4. I like Gris Tarmac
  5. I've got a black maxi twiggy that I love, use it all the time, but the Gris tarmac looks great from the pics I've seen. I've just sold an anthracite bag and it is more greeny grey than the grey gt. Good luck in choosing :smile:
  6. A GT Maxi Twiggy would be too close in shape for me to the Canard City and too close in colour to the Anthra Day.

    I've been the boat where folks buy a few bags in similar colours: if you want to do that, I'd suggest the best way to get the most out of your money is, buy that similar colour in a very different style/size/shape. Otherwise, you'll find yourself using one a whole lot more over the other(s).

    At the end of the day, unless you carry your Maxi Twiggy differently to your City, I'd say save your money this time around.

    If, however, you want a cross-body bag (which the City is not, for me, and neither is the Day), then get the Maxi Twiggy in GT. I did find after I bought my Maxi Twiggy that I no longer used my City bags, as the two are quite similar in look (once the Maxi Twiggy breaks in and sags in the corners), and because I prefer cross-body to shoulder-carried bags.
  7. I love my MT so much more than any of my other bags, the right size, can be worn 4 ways, just so easy to live with. I have the black but am trying to choose between the cassis and the cumin but can't make up my mind. I love the muted cassis colour that already looks vintage but the cumin is also calling to me.
  8. OP: which one did you choose ?
  9. I think Gris Tarmac will be very nice in MT style~ (I'd like to have MT too)
    I know black is classic, but black will just be black.. you know what I mean..
    I haven't seen GT irl but I think it'd be a true grey, Anthracite seems to have varies of undertone, mine is very teal green, I've seen some that's very blue, like 2 different colors!
    Maybe I can get rid of my work and get a GT
  10. I'm a big fan of Gris Tarmac. To me it is the perfect gray, so I would say get that color, and then figure out which style would help give you some diversity.
  11. I did love the Gris Tarmac colour in the swatch, but in real life, the colour looks like it is sitting on top of the leather, rather than soaking into it - almost like it is painted on.

    The buyer of the store I go to said all the Gris Tarmac she had seen when she did her order 6 months ago in the showroom, were all like that. However, considering Bal's unpredictability, you may be really lucky and find a Gris Tarmac with beautiful saturation: if you do, jump on it - and reveal it here!!!!
  12. I'll choose black, been looking at maxi twiggy club and jet black MT looks really punk! Hope I can find one someday~