Black Vernis.

  1. Is it true this has never been made.

    Because this nouveau riche lady I know runs around with a black monogram vernis tote. Lol so funny. I hope they havent been made.:heart:
  2. Could've been from the Mat or Glace line? Many people mistake those pieces for black vernis.
  3. anything that looks like "black Vernis" bigger than a clutch is fake. but not every black Vernis clutch is authentic either.

    by the way, what is your understanding of nouveau riche? are you old money yourself?
  4. Ok. Hmm I am not an LV expert but im trying to think. The monogram was pressed in on shiny black leather. Is that monogram vernis?
  5. I think the black vernis has never been made. I saw a picture of a headphone bag, a black monogram vernis sporting a shiny gold headphone handle, in a magazine. It looks amazing. I called my local LV store up and the SA had no idea about the bag or the price!
  6. ^^^^ That's the line I was thinking of too...
  7. Great minds think alike.. or, we're all LV smarty pants ! :graucho:
  8. ...or maybe both?

    Tee hee hee.
  9. Man you both beat soon as I saw the thread, I thought that ;)
  10. I know it's not a tote but LV made a fleur lexington in black vernis - with flower applique.
  11. I would buy THAT lexington with fleur applique...
  12. Monogram Mat line

    If her bag looked like one of those, then does exist. But it could still be fake since they fake almost everything!
  13. there was two auth. black vernis fleurs on ebay a couple weeks ago, they were selling around $400..
  14. I think Lv should make the new vernis color black! I think it would be gorgeous!! I was thinking about this color the other would be beautiful...