Black Venetia Question...

  1. Did the black Venetia ever come in all black (with black stitching) and nickel hardware? And if so, were they ever made with with suede lining?

    I love how chic the black Venetia w/gold hardware looks, and I'd love to see it in nickel hardware.

    Thanks girls! :flowers:
  2. not that i've seen. all the nickel hardware black venetias that i've come across have contrast stitching. as for the lining, that depends on the year. there were older venetias that came with canvas lining too. now that i think about it, that's odd. you'd think there would've been a black venetia with black stitching and the nickel hardware, but i've only seen that combo with gold. :shrugs: idk. mj was big on the contrast stitching back in the day.
  3. Tadpole, did you just snag a heavenly Venetia? Oh my goodness, if that was you I am so jealous right now! :nuts:
  4. ^ why, yes i did! :amuse: i was going back and forth between buying and not buying. i wasn't sure if it was really brick red (i don't think it is, but it's a beautiful red nontheless) and i was planning on heading over to the new mj store this weekend to spend money there, but with such a fantastic bin price, i couldn't resist. even if i had bid, i knew the final price would most likely exceed the seller's bin, and i'd be kicking myself later on for bypassing such a good deal. i'm pretty excited about getting it. of course, i'll post pics asap!
  5. good work!!Think red!!!