Black Veneta


Dec 9, 2006
I have finally saved up enough money to but a veneta, I just need a push! I want it in black as I have a Guccisima chain hobo in chocolate and don't need two brown bags! What size are Resse W's and Ashlet Olsens? I tried the large and meduim both on ages ago and remember the strap drop being longer on the large. Both fitted well on my shoulder but the large was more roomy. Does the drop loosen and get any bigger with wear? Also, in the shop they didn't mention that it came with a mirror but on ebay I saw one that did. Another thing, I was going to get one from Diabro as they seem cheaper, has anyone bought one from there? And does anyone have modelling pics with the medium, large?


Jul 17, 2006
Hi rosieroseanna, welcome to the BV sub, and congrats on your soon to be, first Veneta in Nero! :yahoo:

I personally have the Veneta in large, and while the leather has soften sooooo nicely with use, I wouldn't say that the drop loosened, nor did the bag get bigger. Also, my bag came with the mirror. I think both medium and large both do.

Unfortch, I have not bought from Diabro, but some of the ladies and gentlemen might be able to chip in on that.

If you go to the "Action Pics" sticky on the main BV sub, you'll have no lack of modelling pics with both the medium and large Venetas.

G'luck, and keep us posted! :yes:


Nov 17, 2006
welcome rosieroseanna! :smile:
i think you have decided on a great piece as your first purchase. Like Nymph, i have large nero veneta as well and love it to death. i use it very often during winter time and it is perfect for everyday use from day to night. to me, it defines subtle luxury.

mine does come with a mirror as well and depending on which year you bought it, some even come with cell phone slot. i think oslen and reese have the large veneta but i might be wrong.

good luck and please let us know which one you decide to purchase!


Jan 2, 2007
Mmmmn, Love the veneta style, I'm sure the olsen veneta is the large size, but I always thought Reeses was the medium (but I could be wrong). I have both the large and the medium and prefer the large as it sits a lot lower and has a lovely slouch, on the other hand I think the medium is more versatile in terms of going from day to night and still is very roomy inside. Both my venetas came with a purse mirror, price wise the medium is 745 GBP whereas the large is 910GBP. I know that Hertfordshire is far from the London BV boutiques but when you are spending this amount of money I would strongly recommend that you pop into either Sloane Street, Bond Street or Harrods and try one on and see which suits you better. The staff at BV have always been extremely friendly and helpful! Good luck let us know which Veneta you end up buying!


Oct 1, 2006
I would definitely try them on in person. They are both stunning but I would prefer the large nero veneta. I think Reese has the medium. :love:


Nov 30, 2006
I personally like the medium size - not a fan of bigger bags ( since I'm petite and like to keep my bags as light as possbile). The drop does sit pretty close to your underarm though..something you might want to think about. The Veneta should come with a mirror. Reese has the medium and I'm pretty sure Ashley and Renee have the large.


Jan 2, 2007
I'm thinking of getting the small veneta hobo -- is it too small to fit over the shoulder?
If you mean the medium veneta (which is the smaller of the two), then NO it is definately not to small to fit over your shoulder but it may be a little tight if you are wearing a heavy coat.