Black Tessutto Gaufre or Daino Large Side Zip


Apr 15, 2013
Please help me choose my first Prada:smile:
I realize that these are both very different styles but I'm so stuck from deciding! If you have either please she feedback on wear and functionality?:smile:
Gaufre: I luv that it's so unique and appears to be lightweight. Nylon material wear makes me nervous.
Daino side zip: love the open tote and cross body and outside pocket.
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Prada Psycho

Jul 21, 2006
Firing Range Central
Gaufre. Hands down. I own more tessutos than I do leather Pradas. They are virtually indestructible.

Ditto and then some. Plus, it ends having to check the weather report for the chance of rain every single day. One of my nylon messengers got rained on, hit by a rouge wave at the beach (all on the same day). Everything inside was dry as a bone and the messenger still looks like new. :supacool:


Mar 5, 2013
United States
Another vote for nylon. I don't have a daino bag so I cannot say anything for or against it. I do have a few nylon bags from Prada though - and yes, Prada nylon is virtually indestructible, as poopsie2 mentioned. I use my less formal nylons for winters here (which can get pretty terrible), and whenever we go to amusement parks in Florida with our daughter. My nylons have been stepped on, tossed around, soaked (yes - not kidding - SOAKED) - and same as PP's experience, everything inside was absolutely dry. When the nylon bag itself dried, it looked great! Prada nylons are unbelievable. I was skeptical about nylon before too - but Prada nylon is just great.
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Apr 15, 2013
Thanks everyone! I'm feeling really good about this. Does anyone have any pics of what fits or current state of wear?