Black Stud Nikki - Which one ?

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Which black stud nikki?

  1. Black with gold hardware

  2. Black with gunmetal hardware

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Decision Time.. Got a black stud nikki with gold studds from SB with 25% off..Absolutely love this. bag, b

    However, I am a huge fan of gunmetal HW. RM is coming out with a nikki with gunmetal studds in a month. Now, should I keep the one with gold stud (also had 25% off) or return it and get the one with gunmetal studds? What do you think? Which one is going to look better?
  2. I have a black stud nikki (my first and fave rm!) and preordered the fig stud nikki with gunmetal hw. I don't think they look similar, so my answer is to get BOTH! :graucho: :biggrin:
  3. Whoops, I just noticed that your choices were both black. If that's the case, I say go with your gut feeling. You said it yourself... you're a huge fan of gm hw. Go with that. :biggrin: I didn't know a black stud nikki with gm hw is coming out. That's an awesome option for those who want something different than gold studs.
  4. I don't think the gunmetal studs would stand out as much as gold. If you love this black stud devote, keep it. And get a different colored bag, like FIG or something else, with gunmetal.
  5. I personally voted for the black with gold. I'm just wondering how much the gunmetal studs are going to show up on a black Nikki. I think the GM hardware would look much better on FIG. . .
  6. Personally I'm not a huge fan of black, blue and purple with gold and just like silver better. BUT you got a smoking deal on the bag from SB so unless you really don't like the gold, I would keep it.
  7. I would keep the gold studded and get a different color in gunmetal.
  8. Tough choice! The gunmetal doesn't pop as much against black, but that's part of the charm- it's more subdued. If it were me, I'd probably get the gunmetal vs. the gold.
  9. no question! gunmetal! that will be awesome!
  10. I would do the GUNMETAL, definitely!!!!!
    That would be so hotttt with the black!
    (But I would always prefer silver/gunmetal over gold any day)
  11. I think gunmetal may blend in too much with the black defeating the purpose of the "studs"... I would keep the black/gold, and get FIG with gunmetal. If there was a NON studded black nikki with gunmetal, i'd be all over it!
  12. I personally like the gold studs better, it gives the purse a lift, gunmetal will just blend in and it will make it a little bit "dark" when the gold really gives it a little splash.
  13. I would :faint: for a FIG nikki with gunmetal hw!
  14. I would keep the gold. You got it for a great price. Get something else with GM.

    This is just me - but I think the gunmetal is trendy. I don't know why. When I see gold, I think forever. When I see gunmetal, I see trend.
  15. Gold!! Can't explain it but IMO - Gold Hardware on black leather is just visually more pleasing to me.