Black Sig Ergo on hold at OUTLET for YOU!!

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  1. OK, girls, I saw a black signature Ergo at the outlet tonight and I put it on hold for anyone who wants it. I don't want it for myself but I figured someone here would want it - it is only $264, retail of $368. This is at the San Marcos, TX outlet. If you want it, send me a private email and I will give them your name so you can go get it.
  2. Geez, I wish I lived near you! hehe
  3. If it was the Ergo TOTE I would probably get it! I am actually going to San Marcos TOMORROW!!! Did you see anything else good while you were there????
    I am hoping to find a great buy - something DIFFERENT!!!!
  4. Forgot to mention that this is the large hobo.
  5. Oh man, I kind of want to go get it (to fly in from CA would probably not be worth the savings though)
  6. ahhh. another reason to live in TX.
  7. argh!!!! I clicked on this thinking "please don't be in Texas... please don't be in Texas" because I cannot afford it right now and I desperately want this bag!!!


    How sweet of you to put it on hold and I hope someone grabs it!!

  8. WOW! That is a RAOK in itself.

    I hope someone was able to take advantage of this. Another reason for me to want to be in Texas (that's apparently also where they shipped my new car by accident!)
  9. So just out of curiosity....if you wanted it you couldn't just call in your credit card number and have them ship it to you? Or does Coach not ship from the outlets? I've only dealt with the Clark (Shoe) outlet but they ship anywhere.
  10. that was nice of you! wish i lived in TX!