Black "Round Bowler" 50% off @ Nordstrom

  1. I just returned this "Round Bowler" (in BLACK) before Christmas to Nordstrom Mall of America Chanel and they now have it available at the 2nd mark-down price of $1,097.50 -- 50% off (original retail $2,195):yahoo:

    Call LUCAS @ 952-883-2121 ext. 1390



    It's brand new in immaculate condition (not a sale-condition bag at all). Last one in the company. Very roomy, perfect for everyday....and Cabas leather which does not require babying at all. I bought way too much this sales season and unfortunately had to part with this beauty.

    Hope a PFer gets it!
  2. Thanks for posting foxycleopatra! I called and its gone:sad:. Lucky gal whoever snagged this. Such a pretty bag IRL!:tup:
  3. thanks so much for posting the info!
  4. Yeah...i saw this one before....gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing~~
  5. Ahhh... I am looking for this, the leather is so rich, too bad that it's gone now... anyone know if it can be worn over the shoulder??
  6. Aww I want one too! Has anyone seen one?
  7. *bump* Anyone......?? :biggrin: