Black reissue with gold h/w

  1. I bought the black reissue with silver hardware a while ago and absolutely love it. Having seen Edna's pic of the reissue (2005 collection) with the gold hardware, I have not been able to sleep:sad: . I NEED IT.

    :sos: Please, please help me find one. I am not comfortable buying from ebay, so do you ladies know if any stores still has one lurking around. I would really like one in size 226.
  2. I know what you mean Rose ednas gold was too dreamy for me too~~

    Well why don't you wait for the cruise collection reissue? they are in gold hardware I think
  3. I am sure the cruise collection is going to be TDF but I NEED the 2005 issue. I know it's totally 'in my head' but please humour me.
  4. I would suggest calling the big dept stores. Start with Neiman Marcus. The Las Vegas location are pretty helpful. Ask them to research if they have any and if not, if any of their stores have them. They will check their system and if there are any at a NM store it comes up.
  5. Saks Boca has a 227 in Black w/ Gold - Ask for Melissa... she held it for me a while ago!!
  6. Thanks, I will call her!
  7. I got the last 227 2005 black with gold hardware reissue from the chanel boutiques (so they tell me).

    But another girl on the forum said that NM at Palo Alto had one when I initially made enquiries.

    cali_girl is her id. its on hold for her but she's thinking of getting the 2006 reissue...
  8. Rose! Call NM in King Of Prussia, PA! They still have 1 left in the display case. :yes: 610-354-0500
  9. Thanks Edna, I will do that first thing tomorrow morning!:heart:
  10. The reissues must not be very think that they were released as "limited edition" bag and you can still find them after A YEAR :rolleyes: