Black & purple re-issues available, belt on sale, etc. - pics

  1. My SA, Delyse, at Saks just emailed me some photos & stock updates. She has 3 metallic purple reissues up for grabs ($2425 size 226, I think?), a gold re-issue (shiny, not the matte gold, size 226, $2425), black reissue w/ silver h/w (size 225 - $2250) and a belt / necklace that was $895 and is now marked down to $357. She is there until 9 pm tonight (EST) and her number is 248-808-0712. If you live overseas and need to contact her via email her address is (there's an underscore after delyse).
    Pics are of gold reissue, black reissue and belt. No pic of purple, but I think everyone's seen that by now :smile:.
    OOps! I forgot she has the dark silver reissues in size 225 also.
    02-01-08_1831[1] (2).jpg 02-01-08_1841[1] (2).jpg
  2. The $2425 price is for the 225's smaller - about 9.5 inches long!
  3. I know I've said this before, but I love your posts April! Thanks again!
  4. cool..thanks for posting the pics!
  5. I love Delyse!!!
  6. OT - Thanks for recommending her, April. She called me today about some items that I asked about, I like Delyse quite a lot! :nuts:
  7. thanks so much for sharing...
  8. thank you :smile:
  9. thanks for the heads up April and for recommending Delyse - she's fantastic!
  10. thanks for posting:smile:
  11. Too bad Saks did not order any 227 reissues.

    Thanks for your information!
  12. Thanks for the info! You're the sweetest. Good to know that if I ever need an SA, I can contact yours!