Black Patent GST or Black Patent Bon Bon?

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  1. Hi fellow TPF ers!

    I am about to take the plunge and get my first Chanel Bag. I am torn between these two. I definitely want a black patent bag w/silver hardware. Im leaning towards the GST but is it to dressy to wear casually as well? I am tall, 5'10, so I can pull off the bon bon, but it is pretty large. The only thing I dont like is it is so skinny at the bottom, there is no base.
    I saw a woman with a black leather (not patent) GST w/Silver hardware today at lunch, but hers had a interlocking CC charm dangling from it. I did not think the GST comes with a charm? Perhaps it was a knock off? At any rate, please give me your opinions. Thanks!
  2. The patent GST for sure. The black is stunning and can be worn casually.
  3. I heard there is problems with the bon bon, i would do the gst or another tote.
  4. The problem did not exist on all Bon Bon's.
    My vote is for the Bon Bon. It's such a cute bag!!!
  5. I love the Bon Bon tote too, but have not seen them in stores anywhere! I heard they were coming back soon though...