black or white le fabuloux?

  1. Hi ladies, I need all of your opinions. I'm considering a le fab...but I'm not sure which color to choose. Black or white??? Also for those that have it, is it worth it in price and size (edges sharp)? Thanks so much, I'd appreciate it.
  2. Im a fan of the white le Fabuleaux. White Suhali is gorgeous.
  3. White is really gorgeous- it brings out the Suhali's beautiful natural texture. The sensible part of me says black, but I still vote for the white!
  4. Personally, I would get black! I LOVE the idea of white Le Fab but after speding this kind of $$$ on a bag I want to be able to use it and not worry about getting it dirty.
  5. i have it in black. edges are not sharp. i love the white too, but i would constantly worry about getting it dirty- and for $3000 i wanted something i could carry a lot!
  6. Black!! I saw it in the store the other day... it's soo beautiful... I just figure white would not be as pratical..
  7. I'd go for the black as it would be much more practical than the white.
  8. White! When clanalois got hers, I'm sure she mentioned that it was really easy to just wipe clean. And its sooooooooo beautiful in the white. :nuts:
  9. White. I love how the white looks.
  10. I just went through this same dilemma and ended up buying the black, though the white is truly gorgeous. I have two small kids so I didn't think my heart could take the white, and what made up my mind was that the white one on display at the LV store was all scratched up. If they can't even keep it pristine on the shelf at Bal Harbour, I don't stand a chance.

    Good luck whichever you pick, this is an outstanding bag that is worth every penny. I am a "huge bag" person and this is the smallest bag I've ever gone for, but the way it's structured (with a center pocket and small inside pockets for your cell phone, etc.) makes it extremely useful. I love this bag and can't really imagine finding something better.

  11. I like white. It's so gorgeous.
  12. I have a black one and I love it, but I vote plum! Just have to play devils advocate lol!:lol: V
  13. I have a black, but I wish it was plum! Both black and white are gorgeous though. Good luck with your decision!
  14. If money is not an issue, and this would not be your be all end all bag for awhile, then I say white. For more worryfree use, the black.
  15. white