black or olive gaucho???so confused plss help..

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  1. this is going to be my first dior...and im very confused...
  2. I had the olive and it's beautiful. It's more like a light brown with greenish hughes. The black is beautiful also. Both will match a lot.... it just depends on what color you need for your wardrobe.
  3. This is the olive....


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  4. its funny because i always thought the olive was a bit more "green" but it actually look like brown . i love the color though
  5. It depends on the lighting.... I can best describe it as khaki brown. Whereas the "brown" is more chocolate.
  6. i agree they should have call it chocolate instead :smile:
  7. the olive looks darker in these these suede??? another question...which has more room the double gaucho or the single one??i really have to make up my mind soon...ive never seen a gaucho in person...
  8. It's leather, not seude. This photo was in natural daylight.... I have never owned a single, but IMO the double has more room. Someone with the single needs to chime in :smile:
  9. black!
  10. black...