Black or Mouse/Dove medium paddy???

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Black or Mousse (dove) medium paddy???

  1. black w/gold lock

  2. mousse (dove) w/silver lock

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  1. Hi chloe-lovers! :heart:

    Please help me decide on my first Chloe Paddington! :yahoo: My dear hubby is getting me a paddington for a Christmas/Birthday present! I already ordered a black paddy which is on the way, but wondering if I should have gotten the mousse/dove (grey-green) paddy instead...since I do love this color (esp. after seeing "the dove has landed"-chicky's post!:love: ) as well as the silver lock.... :shrugs:

    I love the black w/bronze lock as well since it will go with everything, and I also think the black paddy is so vintage while classic. Plus, i never have to worry about stains!

    so...while i still have time to change my mind (albeit the 50 dollar restocking fee:sweatdrop: , please give me your suggestions/votes! I would like to only own one paddy~ well, atleast for now....!
  2. Mousse..thats my FAVE
  3. I vote the mousse/dove colour too! Black is :P
  4. I know its a given with me, but my vote is for

  5. If you have a lot of black bags, go for the mousse. You can always buy a black bag later, mousse is a more unique color.
  6. ooh i don't know, this is a tough one, i'm sorry i'm absolutely no help because i love them both...but i don't think you can go wrong with either choice!
  7. Tough one. But I sure do like Black. Can't go wrong with either color.
  8. I would go with the Mousse. I own it and love it. It will go with lots of outfits and the silver accents are gorgeous!! :yes:
  9. If you have another black bag in your closet then definitely get the Mousse.
    Either one will be beautiful and go with so many things.
  10. thanks for all your comments so far! I do have other black bags but none that I am using currently or in love with! So I do feel I could use a black bag that is super-gorgeous!

    Stormie, Jag, and everyone else who already owns the mousse paddy, how light/dark is the is tough to tell from it more of a darker grey or a medium to lighter grey? TIA!! :P
  11. I do like black, but with this bag, I say go with Mousse.
  12. Hi again: I am actually carrying it today, so I am looking at it right now! I would actually describe it as more of a medium blue/green/gray. That is what I like so much about the color. It kind of changes color with what you are wearing. It is not just a flat gray color. In fact, I held it up for my husband to assist me in describing it, and he actually said that he would not call it gray. The other thing to consider is that black will probably be available year to year, whereas Mousse is a seasonal color. When I was in Nordies the other day, the SA told me that they sold out of their Mousse paddys in two days. Hope this helps and makes sense!! :yes:
  13. it's really hard to describe, i think it's more light to medium rather than medium to dark and there is definitely a green tint...chicky's photos in the first page of her "dove has landed" thread are about as accurate as i've seen...

    since you need a black bag and it's already on the way you could always wait to see if it's true love once it arrives...?
  14. IF i had to choose between the two, i'd choose the black if I didn't have a black bag already that i love. The two toned hardware gives me more options to wear it w/ gold or not.
  15. Mousse!