Black or Charcoal grey birkin

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  1. Do you think charcoal grey or black birkin act the same role in your wardrobe.
    If you already have a charcoal grey birkin, do you think you need a black one?
    How about etoupe? Do you think it can replace grey?
    Any idea is welcome, would like to hear from you.
  2. I am a 'black bag' girl and I don't think any other color can replace black. Black goes with just about everything. I love grey too but would not wear a grey bag with golden/brown hues.
  3. Are you getting two? If so, I say etoupe and black. Otherwise, I too am a "black bag" girl and prefer black.
  4. The charcoal would have to depend on the leather. For example I love graphite in Box or Croc but it looked quite pale in clemence. I stick with black when in doubt.
  5. I'd go with black too! My next bag is going to be black since I don't have one right now. :shame:
  6. If you can only have one, then I'd choose black as it goes with pretty much everything and can be dressed up or down. Grey/etoupe is a bit more limited IMO.
  7. Can I join the black party?

    What do you all feel about black box vs. chocolate I still struggling! I are all sick of me! HELP!!!
  8. I want a black one!

    (as you can see by my "want" message! lol)
  9. CHOCOLATE!!!! :flowers:
  10. I really like chocolate Box but have to say given only one choice I would go with black every time. In Box especially it is STUNNING! You can wear it with everything without a worry about matchy matchy.
  11. Thank you crochet...I am sooooo struggling!
  12. Thank you too gazoo!!! Look...1-1...see how confused I get!
    Let me go...I can't steal this thread...not fair!
  13. I would go with black. But make sure the black and the leather you choose go well together. I learned my lesson the hard way by getting a black togo Kelly from Hermes not in my area without seeing the leather swatch in real life under daylight. Thanks to the lack of a leather book from my local store!!!!! :cursing: The black color on the bag looked completely faded especially under the sun against my black wardrobe. I ended up shipping the Kelly back and got stuck with a credit not knowing when and if the Kelly I want will ever show up. :crybaby:
  14. Chocolate box!

    And, I'd choose a black Birkin and an Etoupe over the dark gray. :smile:
  15. I am gonna say Black too!