Black or Beige or Bordeuax GST, which colour?


Black, Beige or Bordeaux GST- Whick colour?

  1. Black with silver hardware

  2. Beige with gold hardware

  3. wait for first choice- Bordeaux with silver hardware

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm hoping to get a GST as my everyday, all year round bag, this will be my first Chanel, but having trouble deciding which colour I should get.

    I wear alot of black, grey, cream, purple to work. On weekends I live in jeans and tee with converse star or ballet flats.

    I really like the bordeuax with s/h, but if thats not available then I might either get beige with g/h or black with s/h. or should I wait for bordeuax?

    My main concern is;
    - will the beige get dirty easily? i.e avoide dark jeans, I want a worry free everyday bag.
    - I prefer not to use black bags in summer times, but the colour is easy to maintain. (I know i'm so contridicting myself..:p)

    What are your thoughts and suggestions?

    Thanks in Advance:smile:
  2. I don't think you would have to worry about dirtying the beige. I own many light colored pieces and, like you, live in jeans on the weekends--my beige classic flap and even my white medallion tote are very low maintenance. The beige is beautiful--the only problem I can foresee is if the hardware clashes with your jewelry. This isn't a big deal to some, but it does bother others!

    The bordeaux is stunning and unique. Black is also very pretty--I would consider it the "safe" choice.

    I think the best thing to do is visit a boutique a few days in a row so you can try on all the colors with different outfits. If they don't have the Bordeaux in stock, ask for the Bordeaux Medallion just you can get a feel for the color. Did you know the GST also comes in dark brown? It's another gorgeous color you may want to try--sorry if I have confused you more!
  3. I say wait for your first choice--bordeaux! It would go well with your wardrobe.
  4. ^^^^

    I also agree!! Wait for your first choice.
  5. I own and love the black GST w. Sh, so it gets my vote!
  6. black gets my vote as it goes with everything.
  7. if u've decided that you like the bordeaux then go for it... when you love the bag, nothing else really matters! :biggrin:
  8. Black with Silver HW. Its more versatile:yes:
  9. Bordeaux, great for pretty much everything you wear!
  10. my vote is the bordeaux, good luck!
  11. Bordeaux (I have the PST and love the colour) then black!
  12. I voted for Black!
  13. I got my bordeaux GST a few days ago, and I love it. It's a great color.
    By the way, if you are still looking for a bordeaux GST, NM Palo Alto still have one in stock as of today.
    Good luck in finding your dream bag :smile:
  14. I say go with your first choice!! It's such a beautiful color!
  15. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! :smile:

    I think I'm wanting black with s/h now, like what mscupcake said its a "safe" choice.

    And after seeing BB10lue's black GST, I want it even more. But I live in Sydney and theres not much choice in stock, only black with g/h.

    Hopefully there is stock in September. So I can get the one I want for my birthday.