Black mini Luggage or Croc Phantom?

  1. I prefer the black croc embossed Phantom but am a bit put off by the price - £1750 (£200 more than the Mini Luggage), so am considering the Mini Luggage. Also, concerned that the Phantom will date quicker than the Luggage. But the Luggage is quite plain in my opinion, especially in black. I also wondered which is heavier or are they both the same weight? I have them both on hold for me till end of day tomorrow. Please help.
  2. Hmmmm. Tough decision. I have a mini luggage in pebbled leather & my croc phantom is on the way to me right now. I've never actually seen or held a phantom in real life so I can't compare on the weight. I will say that my mini gets quite heavy with all my stuff. I always have my wallet, mini makeup case, cell phone, small bottle of sunscreen, & sunglasses case n my bag & I would say it weighs a good bit. I agree that the luggage seems quite plain in black although it's still beautiful. I'm just not a fan of plain, all black bags though. I need sum detail.

    Is there any way that you can hold & see the mini & phantom before you decide? I know this is an impossibility for me. I live nowhere near a place to get Celine thus I ordered my from Bergdorff in NY.

    Not sure about whether the phantom will be dated faster than the mini. Both are very classic IMO. I would say go with your gut. The black croc phantom is beautiful. Do you have any other color options for the mini since you don't seem to care much for the black?
  3. I find both heavy but I still love them! The mini is more formal so if you are like me who brings it to work often then I say go for the black mini. The croc phantom can be dressed up or down but I find that it looks better with a casual outfit.
  4. What colour is your Mini Luggage? I initially considered a lighter colour like Dune, but I'm too scared of colour transfer. I always go for black bags for this reason and also because they match everything. Let me know how you find the croc Phantom when it arrives. I really want to pull the trigger and get it but I've never seen it in real life and if I bought it and didnt like it, I would only be able to get a store credit.
  5. It would be purely a weekend bag, definitely not for work.
  6. Is it a phantom or a small
    Phantom u getting?
    I am
    In dilemma too whether to get. Small phantom
    Black croc stamped or a grey
    Croc stamped in nubuck 😔
  7. I tried them both in the store. I love the look of the phantom croc, but on me a 5'2" shorty, it looked like I was litteral carrying a suitcase around! I do see celeb pics and wish I could carry a phantom, but the size was just off on me. So, I opted for a mini in pebbled balck. I don't consider it plain, the texture of the leatherm the zipper and the curves, and structure of the bag itself make a stunning bag. Would you consider Hermes Kelly plain? It's the simplicity of it that makes it timeless, and I view the luggage series (mini, nano, phanotom, and micro) the same way.
  8. Small Phantom. I wouldn't get anything in Nubuck or suede personally. Would be too delicate.
  9. Can't afford Hermes unfortunately! I know what you mean - the phantom is pretty huge when the wings are sticking out. Maybe I will go for the Mini luggage, if it looks that much smaller.
  10. Me, too!
  11. My Mini is in fluo pink. I absolutely love it but I love bright colored bags. My croc phantom I ordered is in grey and it should be here tomorrow. I'll definitely post a reveal and let you know if I like it! If you're scared of color transfer try products from My pink mini gets color transfer only when I wear jeans and I just clean it with their products and it comes right off. Also, chanel eye makeup remover works wonders for color transfer. If you love the lighter color then go for it-there are always ways to clean it!
  12. That's really useful to know. Thanks! Do lovinmybags ship to UK?
  13. I'm pretty sure they do. You can go to their website and check it out. Barbara, the owner, is very nice and replies to emails within 24 hours. You can always contact her to ask about the best product for whichever bag you choose. She's very helpful.
  14. I just recently bought a small black croc phantom and could not love it more. At the store I was trying a red (!) mini and the phantom, and I could not leave without the phantom.

    I do not think it will look dated anytime soon. Also you can control how open the wings will be by knotting the two leather bands inside the bag.
  15. That's what I liked about the phantom. That you can have the wings pulled in or sticking out. Did you find much of a difference in weight between the two? Also, what height are you? I'm 5'3.5" so don't want the bag to overwhelm me!

    Also, meant to ask.... When the straps are knotted is it still easy to get into the bag or do you need to undo the knots?