Black Metallic Reissue - help w/ color?

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  1. Hi all, I was at the Saks trunk show today, and I was looking at the color of this bag, which I've only seen in photos here. IRL, it looked almost bronze to me. The SA said that the color was an approximation because it wasn't shown on the actual bag (it was that color - or similar - on another, smaller bag with gold hardware). He said that with the actual reissue bag, the hardware will be pewter/silver-toned, and that they may try to match the color of the leather to that hardware. I guess I was just disappointed because I was hoping it would be blacker. What do you all think?
  2. Maybe what you've seen is the metallic brown.IMO it's very similar to metallic black..unless under direct light can you see the difference.
  3. maybe they showed me the wrong color? that would be odd! NanamiRyu, is the bag whose pic you sent from this collection or a previous one? I hope it's the same color as yours b/c i really like how yours looks!
  4. ^ ambrosered, it's from SS08. Paris stock sells out fast and they never have any left over from previous seasons. (They are also not return friendly :sweatdrop:) Here are more pics.;)
    25501.jpg 25502.jpg 25503.jpg
  5. Ok, so that's means it's the same bag I'll be getting, right? Thanks for all the pics. It's tdf!