Black Metallic Modern Chain at NM

  1. I just spoke to the world's greatest enabler, my SA Lisa Hamlin, who just told me that she just got in the following:

    The Black Metallic Modern Chain E/W style for $2750
    The Black Metallic Modern Chain N/S style for $2650

    Feel free to call Lisa if you are interested at (248) 365-8442. I think she may also have the regular black modern chain style as well.
  2. I would love to have that e/w mc, but I just can't! Shouldn't ask, but do you know if she has gotten any of the brown mc bags yet? I'd dying to see a pic of the brown.
  3. ^ I'm dying to see the brown too.....
  4. The brown is gorgeous, really dark and glossy. My SA showed it to me and I had to run away to avoid temptation. :wlae:
  5. I have seen the brown. Its nothing special nor is the dark grey. Black is the way to go. I was waiting for the brown, and than I saw it irl. Not to special.
  6. Is black metallic the same as the shiny black leather?
  7. ^^yes, I believe so.