black mc trouville or red epi speedy?


black mc trouville or red epi speedy 25?

  1. black mc trouville

  2. red epi speedy 25

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  1. black mc trouville OR red epi speedy 25

    Just curious to see what the preference is here at tpf. I am not on the market for a bag until the fall but keep flip flopping between these two styles.

    I want the bag specifically for when I wear black(which I usually wear with denim). I don't wear much black but I do wear it every so often and I hate the way mono and damier look w/ black. I also for some reason wear a fair share of the colors that are in the mc, I wear aqua/coral/pink, lots of primp and j & company thermals which are done in those colors.

    I can only get one bag this year, so I got to make it count! If I get the trouville I will get it in the spring which is esentially a YEAR from now, lol. If I opt for the red epi I can get it in the fall, Sep. '07 vs. Mar '08. Thanks for your input!
  2. red epi speedy 25. it's so striking and just...yummy? lol. :yes: :heart:
  3. As much as I love MC, I don't like the Trouville and also not in black, so I prefer the red epi speedy! (but I think i clicked on the trouville by accident....:sweatdrop:)
  4. not a biased,I have the trouville but i looooooove the red epi! get one!it's eye catching
  5. Thanks for your help Gayle, Cecilia and Kelly(and others who voted)! I appreciate your opinions! I am leaning towards the red epi too. I haven't had a red bag in eons.
  6. I'll be the first to vote for the MC Trouville!!! LOVE MC, and it'll go with anything! If you're leaning towards red, Pomme is gorgeous too~!
  7. OK...Somebody has to be the odd ball :p I am not a fan of either bag...But I think the Black MC would look better with the wardrobe and colors you want to wear it with...
  8. I actually like the Trouville. So my vote goes to that bag.
  9. Black MC Trouville!
  10. Definitely the trouville. Have you considered the white ? It'd be a perfect summer bag !
  11. I love the red epi speedy :smile:
  12. I LOVE Red Epi and Speedys, but the Black MC Trouville takes my breath away!! It looks SO HOT with a patina as well!
  13. I vote for red EPI Speedy.
    I like TROUVILLE, but in white color.
  14. I got both but prefer the black trouville.
  15. Everyone should have an epi speedy! So elegant, but easy to wear!