Black MC Speedy....

  1. Just wondering do the people with the black MC speedy love it and get lots of wear out of it? Is it easy to dress up with that bag? I see it looking great with jeans for some reason. Eventually I need a black bag and have been thinking about that one but, I am not sure if I can pull it off because it is very bold...a statement bag. Aslo I love the suhali lockit pm which is simple easy to co-ordinate wardrobe with and classic but, the black MC is so striking!!!!!
  2. If $$$ is not a factor, go for suhali lockit in black! GORGEOUS bag IRL!!! I have black MC speedy and because I LIVE in jeans, it suits me just fine. I have other black bags for dressier occasions.
  3. Thanks Irene:yes: you get lots of use out of your black MC? It is more casual isn't it? Even though it is black with various colours for some reason I feel like I would have think more about making sure it works with an oufit. Certain bags go with everything others I am not too sure!!!

    Right now $$$ are of concern...I am also on a shopping ban right now...but, eventually I will need a black bag...doesn't everyone need a black LV one would be wicked...working on my wish list!!!!
  4. ^^ agree with irene
    I have the alma in black, easy to dress up but like her i'm in jeans 95 % of the time.

    I'd go for the lockit, less worries :smile:
  5. I do use it often. It's my main fall/winter bag. May I suggest something in black epi (less $$$ than suhali but can be just as dressy).:idea:
  6. Irene not sure if the epi is just to plain for me...I do like it but, I like bags that stand out a little. The black MC may do the trick provided I can work my wardrobe around it. I never see the black MC which makes me like it all the more. Currently I have a black leather Prada which is very simple so, bold may be better. just not sure if the MC black is too bold. Do a lot of people check out your black MC because it is fairly rare? Everyone seems to carry the white.
  7. Irene post some pic's with different outfits when you're wear said bag :biggrin:
  8. I have the black MC speedy and looooooove it!

    I think you can dress it both up and down depending. i wouldnt wear it to a formal or anything but it is versatile.

  9. I vote for the black lockit pm. I have the white one and I LOVE it:love:
  10. I love the look of the multicolor speedy.
  11. My mom uses her Mc speedy all the time and she loves this bag it has really nice patina now bucause of the constant use. With all her others I think she might like this the best!
  12. I have the black MC Speedy also..I love how the colors pop on the black. You rarely see the black MC and it's such a great bag!
  13. I say go for a Black Suhali Lockit. The Black MC Speedy is a little too casual in my opinion to get dressed up, whereas the lockit is so versatile and classic!
  14. Go for the Black Speedy!! I have one too and it's my "never have to think" bag - just carry and go if youo know what I mean...and its trendier in my opinion...
  15. I love the black MC Speedy because I rarely see anyone else with the bag, it looks great dressed up or down (but I wouldn't take it to a formal event), and it is atypical Louis Vuitton.