Black MC Speedy or Chrissie

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  1. Ok guys now I'm torn between the speedy or the chrissie???

    Please help... thank you all!!!
  2. Dear Lily,
    BTW those two, I like Black MC speedy more.
    I think whatever you pick, Black MC are amazing colors. They're gorgeous...
  3. Are you a fan of studs ? Could you see yourself wearing the Chrissie in 5 years ?

    You could just get the hybrid of both, the courtney ! :graucho:
  4. I say Black MC Speedy, I don't like the studs at all on the Chrissie. I love the style of Chrissie but they killed the look with those studs in my opinion :sad:
  5. speedy MC!!!!!!!!:biggrin:
  6. Too many studs are an overkill and somehow, it looks tacky to me. I would prefer the mc speedy in this case.
  7. Speedy. The Chrissie has way too much going on.
  8. Speedy!