black luxury bowler: deerskin or patent?

  1. i went into chanel with the expandable tote in mind but ended up falling in love with the luxe bowler!! now my dilemma is: patent or deerskin? i like the shiny patent leather (i think it gives it a nice oomph)... but the natural sheer in deerskin it might work as well. i haven't seen the deerskin in person... but i'm afraid the deerskin might be too bland? what do you like better? are luxe bowlers hard to come by?

    deerskin: (courtesy of Roey)

    patent: (i think this is blue... not black... but you get the idea)

    TIA!!! i need to make a decision ASAP because the patent is on hold for me. :flowers:
  2. You will have a verrrrry hard time finding the deerskin bag.
  3. i spoke with a person at the chanel 800 number and he said that deerskin will be released as part of the prefall collection... so hopefully i'll be able to get my hands on one if i decide to get deerskin.
  4. I have the deerskin lux in metallic bronze and I LOVE it. I think the patent would show to much fingerprints and things but that is my own opinion. The deerskin is actually very soft and supple squishy even;)
  5. Wow, are you serious the DEERskin luxe bowler in BLACK is being re-launched? If that's true my credit card/bank acct is going to that's my FAVORITE piece from the Luxe Ligne. The Luxe bowler in **black deerskin** sold-out long, long ago (I seriously called every single store/1-800 # in the U.S. to search for it at the beginning of this year and they were all gone); I managed to find a black metallic goatskin one but it just didn't do it for me.

    Between the black deerskin & the black crackled patent I would say hands-down the deerskin!
  6. I have a deerskin bowler, and the leather is actually pretty soft. I have had it for a while now (since last yr), and it has kinda lost its defined bowler shape and became more supple. Some people like it that way but some don't, so you prob should take that into consideration. The bag won't stay stiff in shape. I think it's just as beautiful though :smile:
  7. Hmm, I haven't heard about the deerskin returning for pre-fall. None of the department stores ordered it as far as I know as it wasn't it any of the fall lookbooks. Perhaps the boutiques will be carrying it?

    If what you were told is true, I'd like to trade my black deerskin in for another. The fall 06 deerskin is metallic black and the black is fading off to reveal a bronze sheen. I can't capture it in photos because it's subtle.

    I stuff the heck out of the bag when not in use to help maintain the bowler shape.
  8. If you can find it, I suggest the deerskin. Much more classic.

    Patent is nice too, but it's kind of "trendy" and goes in and out with the seasons.
  9. Deerskin because the patent is very bulky. That's what I heard.
  10. I have the patent and it is not at all bulky. It has a wonderful shine to it and the leather is soft and squishy. Patent never goes out of style so of course I recommend the patent.....I love my bowler.
  11. And the patent is textured so it doesn't show fingerprints.
  12. I would definitely pick the deerskin. The patent one is nice, but I am afraid that I would get tired of it.
  13. no way deerskin's coming back!! :drool:

    I'm pretty sure there's only patents...
  14. YOU are one lucky lady if you can get your hands on a deerskin bowler!!
    So yes I would go for the deerskin in a heartbeat!!
    Don't forget to show us pics of your new purchase!
  15. Actually, I was at the NM Newport Beach last week, and saw a luxe flap in deerskin, but it this new chestnut brown color!!! The leather was thicker than last year's deerskin, and felt really soft and squishy. It was on hold for a customer, so I couldn't fondle it too much. That was the only deerskin luxe item I saw. I wondered if the deerskin luxe line is making a comeback, but no one seems to know what I was talking about. LOL.