Black Lily for everyday use?

  1. I just received my new Lily in black spongy leather, she's so pretty I can't stop looking at her :smile: It's my first Mulberry purse, as my previous Mulberry purchase was a wallet.

    The Lily is just big enough for my daily essentials - an iPhone, a long wallet, and a key purse with quite a bit of keys on it. I wore it for the first time yesterday and liked how the chain strap felt on my shoulder.

    The black spongy leather is a bit shiny and given how small the purse is, I think it'll look very nice for dressier occasions. Those of you that own black Lily's, do you use yours as an everyday purse?

    Here she is!

  2. She is beautiful ;) I also own this bag got her about 2 weeks ago

    I wore her for a wedding but also have worn her every day since so for work and for weekends I think you can get away with dressy and non dressy occasions with her ;)
  3. Congrats and welcome to Mulberry. I too have the black Lily and I use her at night and during the day. I think she looks great during the day and can easily dress her down as well as up.
  4. I dont use her every day as I need a bigger bag but I always reach for her when I dont want to carry much, errands, driving lessons etc!
  5. You can if you chose use lily as an everyday bag dependant on what you are carrying. One member took lily as her main bag on a three week holiday and said it was a perfect size for this trip.
  6. congratulations!! such a lovely bag!
  7. Congratulations on a beautiful bag! Enjoy using her x
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    Congrats she is beautiful! Hope you enjoy her :biggrin:

    I took my Lily cookie on my recent hols to America and used her every day.... Bought lots of miniatures (lip balm, hand cream, etc) and she was perfect... Just have to make sure you pack well...

    You'll be surprised how much you can fit in :biggrin: plus I think being black she is a lot more versatile!

    I posted quite a few pics, take a look at the link... Post 832
  9. I love my lily. Perfect for a night out but just as cool with jeans and white blouse :smile:
  10. I love mine too! Use mostly at weekends and in the evening! Enjoy yours :smile:
  11. Hi!

    I will be getting my first Mulberry on Monday (Oak Bayswater) but I am already planning purchase number two! (Whoops!) which will definitely be a Lily but I'm not sure between black, oak and printed oak.

    Would it be possible for some Black Lily owners to post some modelling pics? I love the oak, but not sure about getting the same colour as my new Bays, and I also love the printed oak in Lily as she is a bit different but would be interested to see Lily in black with a casual outfit as I can tell she will be beautiful for an occasion/evening, but I've not seen any in black in the day time.

    (Sorry I've there are already some here and I missed them!)

    Thanks in advance girlies!

  12. Here are pics of my oak and black Lily's, hope they are clear for you. For closer shots have a look in the Lily reference thread.

    SNV30767.JPG SNV30769.JPG

  13. I'm planning to take my black Lily out today and tomorrow. I'll ask the hubby to take some photos and share :smile:
  14. I generally use my black Lily for evenings out but I do use her in the day if I know I'm going to be doing a lot of walking and don't need to take much with me. She's a very versatile bag and I'm seriously craving her in a lighter/oak colour.