Black Jumbo Lambskin with Gold Hardware? Anyone?

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  1. I thought I could just call up a SA & get this bag. Wrong. :crybaby:I've tried NM, Saks, Nordies, & Chanel 800 #, & I can't find it. :confused1: If anyone sees this gorgeous bag, please let me know. Thanks!!!!!!! :heart:
  2. This is the one I'm looking for :drool:, but it's the old style. I hope someone sees one floating around. The new style will be the next closest thing. It's a little smaller with smaller CC's. Please help an obsessed purse lover. lol. Thanks. :heart:
  3. For the older style, eBay or consignment shops are probably your best bets. And you never know, the department stores may get returns of the jumbo w/g/h in the new style. I have 2 jumbo and 1 xl jumbo w/g/h and I LOVE 'em!!
  4. Thanks for the info Regina. I really didn't know that Chanel had an xl jumbo until I saw that pic from a PFer. Do they still make the xl jumbo now? I shy away from ebay, but I might look for the vintage bag from a reputable seller. I'll probably just have to get the new one though. Have you posted any pics of your xl jumbo? :drool:
  5. No, Chanel no longer makes XL Jumbo. Attached is a pic ... of a jumbo (on left as you look at photo) and XL jumbo. I love the XL Jumbo -- it has such a presence, especially with those BIG CC!!

    Chanel collection 028.jpg
  6. Regina thats one fabby XL Jumbo there

    I am getting an XL jumbo delivered next week and Ihave been soooo excited about it but have since discovered that it is single chain and not double! I am gutted....
  7. Regina, both the Jumbo & XL Jumbo are gorgeous! :heart: Thanks for the pic. I can drool over them now. lol. :drool:
    Secret Shopoholic, sorry to hear about your dilemma with the single chain. I'm sure it will be beautiful though. The single chain will probably be easier to stay on your shoulder too.
    I was told by someone on the Chanel 800 # that the lambskin Jumbo may be coming out again in Oct. I guess that I'll have to wait & see.
    Thanks again for the pics. :wlae:
  8. I saw black jumbo lambskin with bijoux hardware today at NM Fashion Island.
  9. Thanks Katie! I'm really looking for one with the old chain in gold. Ya'll keep your eyes open for me.

  10. I used to own this bag, and it did NOT have single. It does have a double. Maybe another version?
  11. Ok, if I see it, I'll put it on hold for you :smile:
  12. Hi, are all vintage Jumbos definately with big CC and in lambskin only??
    I saw one today at a local consignment store, selling at around USD 1300, there are a few marks on the front flap, since it''s a lambskin so quite visible, you think still worth the price?.. sorry couldn't take picture as the store lady was staring at me...
  13. Does anyone have a flap bag in the supple caviar? I found out that the jumbo is available in this leather now. Pros & cons anyone? A Chanel store is going to contact me about this bag & I wondered if it's a pretty leather. Thanks.
  14. I have a caviar jumbo at home (am at work now) but can't remember if it's 'vintage' with big CC. Surprisingly, I actually like this caviar bag and I'm not normally a fan of caviar.

    When I get home I'll take a BETTER photo of the black jumbos and post it again.
  15. As promised - here's a pic of my jumbo caviar with large CC and XL lambskin with large CC. Caviar is on top.
    Chanel collection 030.jpg