Black, Ivory, or Vanilla Jasmin for Asian Skin tone?


Which Epi color works w/Asian skin tone?

  1. Black Epi Jasmin

  2. Ivory Epi Jasmin

  3. Vanilla Epi Jasmin

  4. None-please recommend other style/line.

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  1. what is the difference between the two besides Vanilla is discontinued and Ivory won't be out til summer? I am thinking about selling my mandrin jasmin for either Vanilla, Ivory, or Black Jasmin, b/c the Mandrin enhance but does not flatter my yellow skin tone :crybaby: I love the Mandrin color, but no matter how many outfits i put together, Mandrin just don't flatter my skin tone.....

    Also, I've recall someone mentioned Vanilla Epi peeled off?:wtf: Was it b/c the humid weather condition? Please educate me about it! Some facts about my bags: No white bags except Azur Speedy 30, returning Chanel White Patent bag , b/c the sizzling TX heat will 'bake' the patent leather to yellow in no time!

    I am looking for a white bag that's not too sharp, so i can use it in fall/winter too, hum, more formal-work, dinner @ fancy restaurant etc. No black bags either except one Coach med. work horse tote, and aunts 'borrow' my classic flaps on a long term bases, I'd like to have a black bag handy to rely on.
  2. Wow, this is a good thread, I was wondering the same thing for myself :p I think black OR ivory would look great on the Jasmin. It all depends on if you like contrasting or complementing your skin. The black obviously would be a contrast (your avatar picture looks like you have ivory skin) and ivory would be a complement. Either way, I don't think you can go wrong. This is the dilemma I will be having when I go to buy the bag in Paris on my honeymoon :love:
  3. I think you can wear every color. Ivory will be nice on you.
  4. I always prefer lighter epi colors, so I would go with either vanilla or ivory. Can't really decide, anyone have any pix or description of ivory? Is it whiter than vanilla?
  5. I think you can pull off ivory/vanilla/ black easily..

    black is classic and you can wear it with any outfits..

    I saw lilac speedy with peeled off handles..
  6. littlepanda~yeah another Taiwan tPfer! lol, actually i used to live in Kaohsiung, so i am not as ivory as Korean girls, more yellow undertone. Enjoy ur honeymoon!

    Vicky2007~Is Ivory stark white and Vanilla is light yellow cream white?

    Also does Ivory Epi contain the *shiver* 'color transfer' gene like Vernis? I am so scared of color transfer, I am staying clear of em!....will, still torn on Perle Lexington, but only if it's in excellent pre love condition....:heart:

    PS. I c more post than Vote, VOICE your opinion by Voting! lol does that make me sound like a politician?
  7. From what I saw your model pic on Chanel thread. I think you can go with any colors. Honesty, you are a good-looking Asian girl and any bags will look great on you!

    From what I have choose is my favorite color Ivory (light color). Yellow (tend to be cream) is not my color as I hate any yellow shade.

    Anyway, I do love Red Epi mostly :smile:......Once think mandarin is a great color but red and ivory will be better in my opinion.

  8. I miss Taiwan!! I will be moving back permanently after I'm finally graduated from university in a few months. :yahoo: I still think your skin tone is so lovely! I have ivory skin, but it's blotchy and can tan too easily. Oh, and my honeymoon won't be for a few years. I think my bf will propose soon though, keep your fingers crossed for me :p
  9. Yup, I like black the most.
  10. ...John u didn't vote!
  11. I don't think epi is prone to color transfer like vernis. But maybe ivory will get dirty easier since it's lighter color? :shrugs:
  12. I prefer ivory. This color really complements fair skin asians beautifully. Vanilla is has a hint of yellow and is harsh on asian skin palette. Black is very basic, always a staple. I agree with the other pfers you would look wonderful with any of the Epi colors with the exception of the vanilla and mandarin.
  13. ^^No color transfer on treated leather, just your usually wear and tear on corners. eek!
  14. The vanilla would be gorgeous, but if you can't get ahold of that color, the ivory would be nice too.
  15. black...