Black Gathered Sophia Madison Owners Happy?

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  1. I am contemplating buying the black gathered madison sophia and was wondering how those that have bought it already or plan to feel about this bag?
  2. I have the purple one and I love, love, love it! It is a gorgeous bag! Buy it! You won't be sorry!
  3. I have the black gathered sophia in large and love it..I moved the shoulder strap to clip onto the handles and she hangs much better..
  4. I was in the mall in North Jersey yesterday and went in the fps to check her out. The bag is beautiful and the leather is so much softer then I thought it would be. This bag is on my wishlist!
  5. I've been carrying her non-stop since I got her during the last PCE. I have the large in black and the matching wallet.
  6. Hey

    I've been looking at this bag online the past few days (will go into the store on the weekend) but is this a strong bag? I'm looking for a new uni bag to carry text books/laptop around in..?

    thanks ;)
  7. I feel very happy with mine. I feel as though she looks WAY more expensive than she is....Reminds me of an Marc Jacobs bag I coveted, that ran for around 2k!
  8. I know right? :smile: She looks so amazing!
  9. I have large one in black. Love it! So pretty, comfy and roomy.
  10. I have the grey gathered sophia in large, it can fit my 13" macbook pro and still have room for a book or too, but i wouldn't do this all the time, it ends up kinda heavy