Black first or Sandstone first? or Black city???


Black first, Sandstone first, or Black city???

  1. Black first

  2. Sandstone first

  3. Black city

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  1. I need everyone's advice!~:rolleyes:
    I wanted to keep em all...but I think it's finally time to upgrade/ tweak my collection since I can't keep adding more without getting use out of the ones I do have....
    So, I'm thinking of selling my first love and first bbag~ emerald 06 city and perhaps even my origan box for a more neutral color that I can wear everday on a casual basis...

    Here are what I will keep: marine and RV works, sky blue city, bordeaux WE, vermillion twiggy, marron PT, aqua GH city.

    I have no firsts yet and I've always wanted to get a black first and black city...I think these would complete my collection! (besides a violet...:graucho: )
    A first would be great right now...since I need to carry a baby bag around but when my hands are full I can slip the first into a bigger bag/diaper bag or put it on my shoulder...I think a city would be "too big" to carry on top of my diaper bag...

    What do u think I should get? A black city esp. since I am planning to get rid of my emerald 06 city which was my current favorite til now (but I think I need a black more!), or a black first? Or get a sandstone first???? :confused1: For those of you who already own sandstone. is it too light for someone w/two young boys and a newborn? I'm not always able to physically baby my bags when I'm out with the kids...since I have to baby them, u know?

  2. You've got a great collection! I voted for the Black City. As for Sandstone,I have 3 boys and don't think it's too light.
  3. SANDSTONE CITY. It's not at all too light and you can always get black but sandstone is so beautiful and won't be available each season.
  4. ^^ I concur with PowderPuff.
  5. I'm in a similar position, i have a newborn baby and think black would be the most practical colour, but can't decide on whether to get a First or a City...will carrying the larger City be awkward together with a large diaper bag. Or do i need a bigger bag to carry all the baby extra's?!
  6. Following on, is the First too small for everyday use?
  7. I think the Black City is a perfect staple so I voted for a the Black City.:yes: Love mine and would truly miss it if I wouldn't have it anymore!:love:
  8. For me it is. It's good for a mall shopping trip or going out, but my sungalsses, wallet and checkbook pretty much fill it up. I can cram more in but I think the Twiggy, City, new Hobo and Parttime are much more wearable without being too big.
    I tried the office and weekender and I felt they wore me instead of me wearing them.
  9. ^^ I agree- I only use my First on weekends, for going out or shopping.:smile:
  10. Sandstone City.:yahoo:
  11. Sandstone in any style! It is such a great color. I started a thread last week because my Sandstone got rained on, snowed on and had coffee spilled on her and she still looks fabulous!
  12. Ugh, I was just debating between a sandstone or black yesterday. I ended up ordering Truffe! Based on your current collection I think a black would work well into it. It's classic, you don't have to worry about it getting dirty and it looks just fab in the first or city style :yes:
  13. Black City!
  14. Hi, i would prefer a black i love the size and i don't think it's too small for a everyday use since u have another bag for the baby stuffs. Also it's easier to throw the bag into a larger bag......:smile:
  15. Thanks everyone for ur input!
    I appreciate it! Looks like black city gets the vote....but as Celia suggested....for now, I am leaning towards the black first for practicality's sake... I only need to fit my keys, cell, wallet, and some makeup into the first since anything bulkier could go into the diaper bag.