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  1. today i would like to present my love for BLACK BALENCIAGA ;)

    can you guess what style/year ? :graucho:



  2. OMG. No, I can't guess. LOL.

    I don't want to! Just let me into your closet, I'll only spend a few minutes there. PLeASE!
  3. I can't guess but that sandwhich sure does look yummy! :drool:
  4. HEY COL!

    I'm hungry.... :graucho:
  5. REREsaurus : only if i can visit your beautiful closet full of beautiful bal ^_~

    sep : thank you sep but don't u want to try? please please ^-^
  6. I'll give it a whirl when I get into the office!

    I only ONE thing for sure, and that's which one the 05 City is. Other than that - I'm stumped.
  7. ah haa , no not 05 city ^-^
  8. No clue!
  9. 2 accessories

    3 bags with GH

    2 rh classic bag

    1 oldies

    1 quilted bag

  10. It looks like there is a GSH Work and a GSH City?
  11. Oh man, your thread title is hilarious !

    Let's have a bite of that sandwich now ! ;)
  12. sep: this one is correct GSH Work :smile:

    ayla : ^_~
  13. 2 accessories: Black Oval,GH Money Wallet

    3 GH: black PT GH,black PT GH,Money Wallet GH

    2 Black work RH, Black '04 City

    1 Black '04 city

    1 Black grande Matelassè

  14. Antubella : you are really close dear :smile:

    2 accessories: Black Oval,GH Money Wallet.....Yes! ^-^

    3 GH: black work GH, black PT GH, ...1 more GH bag ^-^

    2 RH : City ...but not 05 ^-^

    1 oldies : ......

    1 Black grande Matelassè....Yes!
  15. Pictures please:woohoo: