Black Eyeliner

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  1. :rolleyes: Well stupid me carried my black eyeliner inside of a open make-up case. Needless to say the lid came off and I had black Chanel eyeliner pencil all over my soft yellow beautiful suede inside of my black smooth leather satchel. NOT GOOD.
    I have been through a similar drill where I spilled orange juice on the inside of a tote..also pale suede so I knew that my local suede cleaner would not handle the bag..even if I signed a release. I tried a quick suede eraser on the pencil but will not luck so I went to the WHAT YOU ARE PROBABLY NEVER SUPPOSED TO DO TO SUEDE OPTION. I stood over the sink and because the suede pulls out so nicely, I used baby shampoo and hot water. YUP I know sounds crazy but I did this with the OJ because I knew I had to get it out...and luck would have it...or the happy stars...all came out great. A little while later my bag is good as new. Crazy huh? but it does show the quality of a Marc..can't beat it. :heart: Mags
  2. Whew!! :sweatdrop: so close.
  3. Great idea... I'm glad the suede didn't ruin! Maybe I'll give it a try sometime. Thanks for the tip!
  4. lol, when i saw the title, i was thinking "shouldn't this be in the beauty section?" but i see that it's really about the quality MJ insides!! thank god that your bag wasn't ruined!
  5. Whew!! That was scary to read but it had a happy ending. It's great to know how well the suede lining can hold up!
  6. Phew! I held my breath while reading this one!!!!!! I would have resulted to drastic measures as shampoo..great idea!!