Black eyeliner for a newbie (with an unsteady hand)!

  1. I currently have the MAC fluidline and I love it, but just cannot apply it the way the sales assistant did when I tried it out. I like to line up upper lashes when I go out, does anyone have any suggestions for black eyeliner for someone who doesn't have the steadiest hand in the world? I don't mind if it's a pen etc, I've actually just read a makeup artists recommendation in a magazine, which was a Max Factor one, felt tip style. TIA.
  2. i had the same issue and so my starter liquid eye-liner was lancome's art-liner (i think it's from lancome and believe that's what it's called haven't used it in ages). it's a great liner for starting out lining your top because it has a stiffer felt tip and so there's no brush flopping around. i also like YSL's liquid liner because it has a very very thin brush that kind of contours itself to your upper lid's shape so it sort of moves with you, but you should definitely check out the lancome one. if not, i find that bobbi brown's gel liner is pretty easy to work with (especially with the brush that they recommend that you use it with). good luck! :tup:
  3. when i used to use liquid eye liner I always needed to touch up my line with pointed q-tips. Sallys has them and theyre unbelievably handy for smoothing it out (and fixing any wiggly mistakes :yes:)
  4. Thanks for those ideas, I'm going to check out the Lancome liner and cotton buds (Q tips)!
  5. Are you talking about liquid liner? If so, start in the middle of the eye, working outward. Then go back and start from the inner eye and line it up. Most of the time, I have to re-dip the brush anyway because just one dip won't draw a whole line. Then again, I have huge eyes. Good luck.
  6. I'm pretty experienced and I still have trouble with liquid liner. There is another Mac liner that might be what you are talking about that is sort of waxy that is a little easier, but I don't like it that much because it's impossible to take off and rubs all over my face in the process. I have a black Chanel pencil I use that looks good and is very easy to apply.
  7. I agree with JC, you need a brush with a stiff tip. After you're more adept try YSL it has a very thin brush. My favorite liquid eyeliner was discontinued, Cle De Peau.
  8. Give it away.

    If your eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes and hair are black, get blue eyeliner.

    If they're not, get brown or a soft taupe.
  9. I like to use gel eyeliner since I don't have the best "drawing" abilities. I use Stila smudge pots. The brush that goes with them is perfect, because one end is really fine and pointy for lining eyes, while the other end is a thick, short-bristled brush for blending. The thick end fixes all my mistakes. I have also heard good things about the Revlon makeup eraser, which would be useful for correcting mistakes without having to redo the makeup again.