Black Epsom Birkin 30 SHW. Yes or no?

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  1. Hi everyone: thanks in advance for ur expert opinions. Wondeful SA called about a black Epsom Birkin 30. SHW, so cool toned and chic IMO. My holy grail has been black Togo or Clemence. I don't own any Epsom bags and never considered it as I think I like soft leathers. But what do I know. Especially when SA is calling w a black Birkin! Can anyone who has Epsom 30 chime in? Would the corner wear r more obvious in a dark color like black?
  2. I have a b30 Epsom in rose tyrien from the candy collection. It only came in Epsom so I took it anyway. Never a fan of Epsom and the bag confirmed my dislike for this leather. The corners literally peeled showing white scratches after under 10 uses and I only took it to lunches in hotels, bag on passenger seat when driving. If you're to get black and you mentioned you like soft leather, I'd wait for Togo or clemence or swift if I were you. I believe birkins are easier to obtain nowadays. Good luck!
  3. Thanks Princess D. Your RT avatar is gorgeous. But if that gorgy bag can't make u love Epsom, I guess I have my answer. May still go take a look, will update this thread. Thanks!
  4. I just got Bleu Indigo K35 Contour (with Rouge H resin) in Epsom and I love it.

    No corner wear so far.

    Was not sure about Epsom when I got offered it, but I took it because it was the Contour and now I do not regret it.
  5. since it's black, which is easier to find, i'd wait for togo or clemence. i think epsom works best on pop colors. i have a tosca 25 epsom and i've had it for over 4 years and the corners don't look too bad, not sure how a darker color/bigger size would do.
  6. Mine is a Constance size 24. I been carrying her for couple weeks straight and had no issue with my corners, maybe because it is a smaller size bag? One thing good about Epsom that it is much lighter compares to Togo and Clemence. But I read on here when Epsom gets old or damage its harder to repair or restore.
  7. I personally only like epsom in sellier kelly - since the bag style is meant to be more firm/structured. Birkin looks best in softer leather that will give some slouch over time. If you have your heart set on togo or clemence I think you should wait!
  8. IMO wait for the leather that you really want. Recently More members prefer Clemence.
  9. I would say no to an Epson black Birkin.
    Black is not difficult to find...and you can find it in a better leather.
    I would even discourage you from black because there are so many more interesting colors than black. Hermes creates such amazing colors that you can still get a deep neutral but perhaps a more interesting color.
    Exception, black box or an exotic.
    Good luck.
  10. I would pass if your heart is with togo or clemence. I have both of these leather birkins and they are amazing! My silk in is in epsom which is nice for a wallet. I agree with CSbaglvr that I would only take a sellier kelly in epsom. Black is not hard to get so I wouldn't settle. Too much money to spend and to have doubts.
  11. Ooooh, blue indigo contour is beautiful!
  12. Echo the others and will wait since you know you already said togo/clemence is your HG. Black is always available... Epsom is also not my top leather choice unless the color is only avail in the leather. I have a RT epsom b have not experienced corner wear like some of us here have though.
  13. I have a black togo for 5 years now and the corners have worn out and you can see the grey bits when the first layer of leather peeled!
  14. All corners are at risk regardless of the type of skin. Is there any slouch after 5 years?
  15. i agree, i would pass on a black and in epsom.